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2017 7/18-8/12

  • 2017 Food Machine Road Trip in the U.S.

2017 Food Machine Road Trip in the U.S.

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Producing food with machine is not as simple as putting all ingredients in a machine and waiting for the final products because food contains many changeable elements.

For example, the changes of dough caused by different types of flour mixed with different ingredients such as water, eggs, oil, etc. plus the effect of temperatures and moisture are not easy to control. Therefore, most clients worry if using a machine would brings things more complicated. Even though we offer clients trial services, distances between countries make the question unanswerable.

As a result, from the end of July to the beginning of August, we had visited six cities and driven 6,904 kilometers with our machines in almost a month. Our experienced engineers had carried out machine trials at clients’ factories and tried to solve problems they might have; from recipe adjustment, factory planning to production process improvement. In a few hours, clients could experience that it is much easier to make good-looking and tasty food than they think.

Share two selected true stories with you:


An Automatic Encrusting and Forming Machine (SD-97W) was brought to a food factory by ANKO's yellow food truck for making pupupa. Simply by putting corn flour dough and flavorful stuffing into hoppers and setting parameters, the machine is capable of making stuffed small dough balls stably. Then, gently press them with a pressing plate; classic pupusas were done and ready to be cooked.

Pupusa is a traditional Salvadoran dish, usually made with corn flour dough, stuffed with pork, cheese, or vegetables and pressed into a thick round shape. It is very popular in the U.S. and even won the 2011 Vendy Cup Award because of its pleasing look, soft taste, and various flavors.

The machine for making pupusas is SD-97W model. Compared to other SD-97 series, the SD-97W has the most comprehensive functions, can make the widest range of food and meet the most of people’s demands, which are also the reasons why we want to introduce it to people during this tour. However, the pupusas made by SD-97W weighed 3 oz which were smaller than usual 5 oz and didn’t satisfy the client’s needs, so he’s not interested in the machine at first. Nevertheless, due to demonstration, he clearly understood the working principle and functions of SD-97 series. Then, we suggested him SD-97L instead for making pupusas in average size. When the pupusas had been produced one by one, an idea was coming into his mind, “More and more people tend to eat convenience food or have a light meal. Small pupusas might have a potential market. ” As a result, he revised his original impression of us and started asking about our SD-97L. Its flexibility in making different size of pupusas gained favor with the client and helped him explore potential opportunities.

After experiencing the unexpected turn in Huston, the client and ANKO team learned that nothing is impossible before giving it a try. Then, ANKO food truck continued the journey to the next stop with a great confidence.


On the other side of Huston, a startup owner was establishing a large scale of food factory offering Chinese dishes such as spring roll, shumai, dumpling, wonton, hargao, etc. Most foods were able to be made by ANKO’s machines. The owner and our engineer first met at ANKO’s branch office in Los Angeles and he was satisfied with the test run. However, since his factory was under construction, he could not have a comprehensive plan about the factory layout, production flow as well as the date to begin production and consequently he put the order on hold.

We understood his concerns, so we decided to load up an HLT-700XL on ANKO food truck and start our engine heading to his factory. Our engineer moved the machine in position and began to mix dough, prepare filling, and adjust recipes, then put mixture into the machine. Until the dumplings and hargaos were produced, the client heaved a sigh of relief. Not only because these recipes are suitable for ANKO’s HLT-700XL, but because he found the machine is compact, which requires the maximum space of 1 square milometer. He thought it would be good to enter the market first with the machine and then we had a discussion of the purchase. Eventually, ANKO successfully helped the client start his business ahead of schedule.

Offering good quality machines is ANKO’s primary service. Even though there are some ingredients we are not familiar with, based on our knowledge of food and machinery, we can adjust machine settings or recipes after knowing more about the ingredients. ANKO is confident about our 40 years’ experience. From recipe adjustment to production planning, we are capable of providing a total solution for our clients and meeting their high standards in food quality.

ANKO'S FOOD MACHINE AT 2017 Food Machine Road Trip in the U.S.

Automatic Encrusting and Forming Machine

Automatic Encrusting and Forming Machine

Automatic Encrusting And Forming Machine can make either patterned or non-patterned products with a simple change of shutters; it can make either two colors or solid color with a simply change of dough hoppers. Not only the products with red bean paste, meat stuffing, or sesame paste but also plain products are producible. In conclusion, SD-97W can make dozens of ethnic foods such as meat bun, steamed bun, mammoul, meat pie, pan fried stuffed bun, mochi, crystal dumpling. Their look and taste are able to compare with handmade ones.

Automatic Encrusting and Forming Machine

Automatic Encrusting and Forming Machine

Automatic Encrusting and Forming Machine can produce many kinds of large-sized foods, up to 200 grams per piece, and 4,800 pieces per hour. The ease of changing shutter unit is a well design in making products with patterned or non-patterned. Moreover, large-sized foods with bean paste, meat, sesame paste or no stuffing are producible. Dozens of ethnic foods such as meat bun, steamed bun, mammoul, kibbe, pan fried stuffed bun, stollen, crystal dumpling made by SD-97L can compare with handmade ones.

Multipurpose Filling and Forming Machine

Multipurpose Filling and Forming Machine

Multipurpose Filling & Forming Machine has been approved by many clients. Just change the forming mold, HLT-700XL can produce various foods such as dumpling, fry dumpling, samosa, hargao, ravioli, etc. With HLT-700XL, any food maker can transform business to automatic production with no trouble. The Multipurpose Filling & Forming Machine is helpful to increase productivity, uniform food specification as well as decrease labor cost and ingredient waste.

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