History of ANKO. Found in 1978 ISO9001: 2000 Certified And Upgraded to SAP ERP System

Found in 1978, to meet market demand, gradually developed Chinese dim sum machine. Set the vision of becoming the world's largest ethnic food machinery manufacturing company.2009 ISO9001: 2008 certified, 2010 upgraded to SAP ERP system.

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History / ANKO Food Machine Company is the expert in siomai, wonton, baozi, tapioca pearls, dumpling, spring roll machine and provides consulting services.



Founding of “ANKO Industrial Co., Ltd.”

Raw food diets were trendy in Taiwan then, so ANKO designed an incubating machine for the bean sprouts to cater to the bean sprout diet that was widely advocated in the market, successfully developing a fully automated non-electric sprouter. The tabletop sprouter, which occupies little space and is easy to operate, quickly made its way into the kitchens of many homes and restaurants at that time. This helped to build the foundation for ANKO’s growth.


The orders for fully automated spring roll machines became the cornerstone of ANKO’s professional Chinese food machinery equipment

Back then, ANKO Industrial hadn’t moved into the food machine industry yet, but received a customer’s request for a fully-automated spring roll machine. To meet the customer’s requirements, Chairman Robert Ouyoung approached Chinese food equipment for the first time. He started to participate in many professional food equipment expositions, exploring local supermarkets around the world and the features and requirements of foods from different countries. This paved the way for ANKO Food Machine’s markets.


ANKO began dedicated development of Chinese food machinery, moving towards the global market

The market opportunities for Chinese foods drove ANKO towards developing a range of Chinese dim sum machines such as for dumplings, shumai, spring rolls, wontons, pot stickers, xiaolongbao, shrimp dumplings, scallion pancakes, tangyuan (glutinous rice balls), baozi, mantou (Chinese steamed buns), and more. ANKO also gradually expanded to international markets, with sales in several locations around the world.


ANKO’s best-selling machine, the HLT Series Filling & Forming Machine, was released

In 1988, the first generation of ANKO’s best-selling HLT series, the HLT-960, was developed. With feedback from customers and continuous research, development, and upgrading, the HTL series has been continuously improving upon its machine performance, optimizing its productivity, enhancing its efficiency, and refining its filling mechanics. The later series generations, models HLT-700, HLT-700XL, HLT-700DL, and HLT-700U, all received excellent reviews in the market for quality and efficiency.


The first overseas agent was acquired. Now, there are over 20 agent locations established across three continents

ANKO’s equipment, upon making inroads into the international food market, soon gained popularity amongst customers from various countries and attracted attention from sales agents. Agents can also provide immediate local support and quality services and equipment. From 1989, we began working with reliable agents overseas. ANKO now has partnering agents in Asian, Middle Eastern, and European countries.


The Indian market served as a starting point for the company to make inroads into the global ethnic food industry

With India’s nearly 1.3 billion population and the Indian diaspora around the world, the unique spice-infused aroma of Indian food had spread everywhere. Our Indian customers requested automated equipment for the insatiable food market demands, and the lucrative local frozen food market also had Chairman Robert Ouyoung visiting India personally many times. He also joined local expositions as an exhibitor to understand market movements, and successfully met our Indian customers’ requirement to develop machines that produce a variety of traditional Indian foods such as the popular Indian street food samosa, sweet rasgullas and gulab jamums, as well as the common staples chapatti, puri, paratha, nankeen, lachha paratha, and others.


Officially renamed “ANKO Food Machine Co., Ltd.”

After developing and releasing various food equipment machines for sales in overseas markets, ANKO became a food equipment manufacturer. To establish ANKO’s role in the food equipment market and to give customers a clearer understanding of ANKO’s company features, “ANKO Industrial Co., Ltd.” was officially renamed “ANKO Food Machine Co., Ltd.”.


The first overseas plant was established, targeting global ethnic food machine manufacturing

After accumulating a few years of experience in overseas markets, Chairman Robert Ouyoung found the ethnic food machine markets in East Europe, North America, South America, Southeast Asia, and Africa had considerable potential, so he decided to advance towards the goal of becoming the world’s largest ethnic food machine manufacturer. To support the huge demand for manufacturing, ANKO’s first overseas plant “Ningbo ANKO Food Machinery Co., Ltd.” was established in China. In 1993, the second overseas plant “Ningbo Homelife Food Machinery Co., Ltd.” was established for professional manufacturing of machine parts, finishing, and assembling, thus achieving the goal of becoming the largest ethnic food machine manufacturer in the world.


ANKO launched the best-selling SD series Encrusting and Forming Machine

In 1997, ANKO developed the first generation of the SD series, SD-89, which received much attention once it launched. Based on customer requests and improvement suggestions from agents in various countries, as well as adjustments to accommodate each country’s local ethnic food manufacturing processes, the series continued to undergo upgrades from the first generation SD-97A, SD-97B, and SD-97N, to subsequently introduced models SD-97W and SD-97SS. Not only is the machine’s productivity adaptable to production demand, but its product size range is also flexible and can be used for a wide variety of filling types. It also effectively reduces manual work and improves customers’ return on investment, and therefore has become another of ANKO’s all-time bestsellers.


Extended exploration to specialty baked goods, meat and fishery product processing machines, and turnkey solution

The question of how to add value and transform fresh produce and food ingredients into high-economic value products to increase sales and create job opportunities and market demands had become an important issue by many agriculture and livestock dependent countries. ANKO had accumulated food manufacturing experience through expertise in various ethnic food manufacturing. It is able to customize products and create new food products together with customers based upon this experience and R&D capacity. Henceforth, we expanded the scope and applications of machinery and provided turnkey services.


New global headquarters integrating plant and office was established, introducing 5S to enhance service quality

ANKO had served customers from over 100 countries and as the service regions expanded, decided to establish a brand-new global headquarters to determine the company’s sustainable operations and development. The headquarters floorspace was increased from 500 ping (1,652.9 square meters) to 3000 ping (9,917.4 square meters), and contained a comprehensive environment for machine trial. Customers visiting the plant can view the demonstration of several machine models producing sample foods on site, which will provide the customers with a comprehensive and holistic turnkey project experience.

The plant also introduced the 5S management used by large Japanese car manufacturers: sort (SEIRI), set in order (SEITON), shine (SEISO), standardize (SEIKETSU), and self-discipline (SHITSUKE). By learning from Japanese corporates’ impeccable work spirit and environment, the plant production efficiency and manufacturing quality were enhanced.


Service location in America was established, providing direct sales service to customers in the American markets

The Americas, farthest away from Taiwan, has diverse ethnicities and a massive, varied ethnic food market, resulting in a huge market demand. To satisfy customers’ urgent machine purchasing requirements, a service location was established in 2014 in California, USA, which offers support including machine trial and immediate repair and maintenance. Customers in the Americas can avoid the negative impacts of long-distance traveling and vast time difference while enjoying ANKO’s quality service.


A new corporate identity is announced as we look towards the next 40 years

Under the leadership of Chairman Robert Ouyoung and General Manager Richard Ouyang, and with over 40 years of expertise in food machinery, the team has continued to overcome industry constraints and set sights on the overseas global market. After many years of persistent efforts to introduce various systemic resources, our brand is now successfully established as a benchmark company in the international market. Working towards a new vision for sustainable operations, “Taste of tradition, pioneer in production,” as well as our five core principles of service “energy, integration, taste, added-value, and pioneer” to enhance our brand value, we are determined to play a leading role in the global food equipment industry and uncover new opportunities.

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Located in Taiwan since 1978, ANKO FOOD MACHINE CO., LTD. is a food machine and food making equipment manufacturer in Food Machinery, Food Machine, Multipurpose Filling and Forming Machine Markets. Food machine sold to 114 countries, including food making machines for dumpling, shumai, spring roll, paratha, pastry sheet, samosa and so forth.

ANKO's food machine has been sold in 114 countries for over 300 types of ethnic food. Food machines are manufactured with ISO certification and pass inspections like CE and UL. ANKO has further provided premium food production solutions. Regardless of whether it's turnkey planning, recipe optimization, mold customization, or machine trial, professional consultation is conducted based on collective machine building experience and unique food recipe database.

ANKO has been offering customers high-quality food machines, both with advanced technology and 46 years of experience, ANKO ensures each customer's demands are met.