Your Best Choice of Food and Bread Processing Turnkey Project Provider!

Your Best Choice of Food and Bread Processing Turnkey Project Provider!

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Company Structure


Leading the industry and achieving the best through

our corporate ideals: “Innovation, Accountability, Passion”!

ANKO is a team with unlimited creativity, passionately energetic and responsible for our commitments. Our mutual goal is “providing quality food production solutions.” To achieve this grand purpose, team members all encourage each other and put their special talents to use, presenting the best results to customers.

We seek true implementation of the corporate ideals, creating superior settings and work environment with open equal communication channels, cooperative teamwork, and advanced innovative solutions. By deeply implanting our corporate roots, our employees are all proud of the business and keep up the search for newer and better ways to progress globally.

The company comprises of the below main teams

R & D DepartmentSales DepartmentMarketing DepartmentCustomized Innovation DepartmentOperations DepartmentManagement Department


Chairman Robert Ouyoung

“Break free from tradition and create new opportunities together”

For 40 years, our employees have endeavored together step by step, and now that ANKO has achieved status and value in the international market, we are deeply appreciative of the years of support and trust shown by all our customers.

Believing in the Chinese proverb, “food is almighty for the population,” ANKO is inspired by people’s perpetual expectations for good food, and based on market and customer needs, continues to develop innovations, satisfy customized modifications, and resolve customer issues in time. Implementing “innovation, accountability, and passion” from the bottom of the company up, ANKO’s outstanding professional team will work unceasingly with regard to the everchanging international market, improving our turnkey transfers and aspiring towards becoming the world’s largest ethnic food machine manufacturer!


General Manager Richard Ouyang


R & D Department

“Focus on details to achieve professionalism”

Besides professional mechanical engineering technology, ANKO research and development engineers must be familiar with ethnic foods of various countries and their ingredient characteristics so that the designed products can meet customer needs. In pursuit of more precise and complete professional designs, advanced software/hardware and smart technology are continuously being introduced, such as using 3D rapid forming technology to quickly present customers’ total requirements.

Lively atmospheres and comfortable work environments are created to allow R&D personnel to exert the greatest creativity. The department will become a full-service development team for recipes, manufacturing procedures, and equipment in the future.


Sales Department

“Joint creation to connect the world”

“Creating market opportunities together with customers is our most important job!” ANKO has excellent service reputation and considerate sales processes. In contrast to normal salespersons who simply sell equipment, each and every ANKO sales representative is an expert solution consultant. Dedicated specialists are responsible for sales in each of six regions throughout the world. They dive deep into learning about different countries’ market and food updates, participate regularly in annual international shows, and expand ANKO’s overseas markets.

With substantial turnkey experience, reliable technology support, and professional assessing and recommending, the department offers customers thorough before-sales/after-sales service, as well as proper comprehensive consulting and suggestions for individual countries, plant sizes, and ethnic food types. We consider customers our valuable friends and provide you with the most fitting solutions!


Marketing Department

“Energetic and innovative leader of the future”

Getting up on the global stage is not easy. We continue to instill new vigor to our brand so that the whole world will see ANKO! You can now learn everything about ANKO more easily through diverse channels such as our official website, Alibaba ecommerce platform, Taiwantrade website, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Also you may see occasional stories of us on TV.

Every member of our marketing team is an expert on food markets and network integration, who regularly shares global food trends, ethnic food status reports, growth and analysis of different countries’ traditional tastes, and more with customers. You can subscribe to our newsletter and receive our free ANKO monthly news update for loyal readers.

Meanwhile, we continue to optimize our website to give customers exceptional user experiences, comprehensive detailed mechanical information, and a great variety of food trends, improving ANKO Food Machine’s unlimited potential in all aspects!


Customized Innovation Department

“Customize your innovation for endless business opportunities”

“Existing food machinery equipment incapable of fulfilling your ideas?” The global food market is changing rapidly, and to prevent customers from losing a single great opportunity, ANKO has created an engineering team with professional expertise and plenty of customization experience, well-prepared to join customers in discovering the infinite possibilities of machinery equipment.

Starting from an ANKO machinery equipment and generating various possibilities with customers’ new ideas, through experience and technological support like special formula adjustments, customized molds, critical action configurations, and more, we can achieve the customized needs that you desire. ANKO will work with you side by side, learning throughout the process to build the next delicious high-quality production line!


Operations Department

“Efficient operations that accomplish perfection”

From production management, procurement, quality control, warehouse management, to the production processes, all operations are integrated into a flowline which maximizes production efficiency. Manufacturing is performed with the highest standards, meeting the highest expectations. Our efficient plant management specifically introduces 5S site management into plant and production line planning guidelines, while production line operations all use ISO standards as process design regulations, effectively reinforcing recording operations.

We have corrective measures in place for abnormal quality products, providing customers with the most immediate responses and prompt services. According to operational requirements, our engineers undergo annual reviews to ensure that customers receive the finest service quality.


Management Department

“Systemic management and efficient integration”

Building a superb team is our responsibility. We develop employees’ professional competency and leadership skills, endeavoring in creating a delightful environment where employees can realize their full potentials. We also act as a strategic partner for corporate development, introducing from various sources ERP, CRM, and AVM systems, as well as project management training, which provide add-value services to the company through organizational and personal expertise. We tackle complex issues with simplicity to achieve more with less effort, employ creativity in problem-solving, and work cooperatively towards a common goal.

Employees’ interest development and personal lives are very highly valued, so we organize diverse training sessions, encourage vacation plans, offer excellent promotional plans, and maintain unimpeded communication. Anticipated is the team’s continuous breakthroughs and innovations, creating beauty, growing and strengthening, and bringing unlimited possibilities that surpass expectations to all ANKO customers!


We look forward to your working with us as an ANKO customer. Please find your appropriate machine and fill in a query form, we will then contact you.Start now >

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