Your Best Choice of Food and Bread Processing Turnkey Project Provider!

Your Best Choice of Food and Bread Processing Turnkey Project Provider!

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Competitive Advantages

Our international expertise spans the international arena for many years, and our expertise is beyond your imagination.

Sold to 112 countries, with experience in making over 300 ethnic food products

With over 195 countries around the world, ANKO’s machines have entered production facilities in 112 countries, and more than half of the world’s countries has had food produced from ANKO food processing machines. If you have the opportunity to travel to these countries, why not take a look and try to identify a brand produced by ANKO Food Machine in the supermarket freezer?


Local people know best about local traditional food. We actively recruit professional agents from all over the world.

Worried that Taiwan-based ANKO Food Machine can't replicate your local taste? ANKO has cooperative distribution agents in countries in the Asian region, the Middle East and Europe. We actively recruit professional food machinery agents from all over the world to provide you with accessible local services. For example, our agents in India can provide you detailed reminders for making rasgulla and samosa; our agents in the Middle East will tell you the secrets to making good kubba and falafel; and our American partner will share with you the optimal formula to making the burrito and pupusa. These knowledge are all part of ANKO's professional services. (Click for more information on agencies)


How to reduce inconsistency of the local raw materials and perfect the formula, ANKO understands

Ethnic foods in different countries use different local ingredients, including the long list of flour varieties. How to adjust the softness of the product to facilitate machine production according to the water absorption rate and the gluten content of each variety, and best match the local taste? ANKO owns a global food formula database. If you don't have any experience in food production, as long as it is a common ethnic food, we are confident to provide you with a food formula for success.


From soft knowledge to hardware devices, satisfying your needs is the goal of ANKO's service

Modularized customized mechanism will better meet your production needs

The biggest feature of ANKO Food Machinery is to provide module customization services. There are many functional key parts and molds that can be customized. For example, HLT-700XL's exclusive molds produce more than 300 customized products. ANKO Food Machine can quickly produce samples according to customer's product characteristics, formula, shape, size, weight and other special requirements using the prototype machine, and simulate the actual production machine for testing. After the customer is satisfied, we develop the formal mold to complete the ideal product.


For newcomers or factory expansion, ANKO offers stand-alone machine sales to factory planning consultancy services

ANKO can assist in designing production lines according to customer needs, providing complete whole plant solutions and equipment from plant planning, raw material processing, production line planning, production process optimization, and new product development and customization. ANKO is responsible for production arrangement, inspection, loading, outbound loading, tuning and after-sales services, significantly saving customers’ communication time and various costs from searching manufacturers of varying functional equipment, including integration costs, transportation costs, and personnel dispatch for machine installation in the future. ANKO provides a single window for complete after-sales services to prevent the risk of interrupting the production line.


ANKO not only understands the food machinery market, but also provides you with the latest recommendations on food market trends.

In over 40 years in the food machinery industry, ANKO is familiar with the market and industry status. ANKO can help you make decisions and provide recommendations for industrial upgrades through decades of accumulated market information and food development. We want to provide customers with the latest and most valuable information, and send the latest food trends or knowledge to ANKO's newsletter subscribers from around the world every month to lead and grow along with all food industry partners. (Click to subscribe to the newsletter)


Comprehensive pre-sales and after-sales service, purchase the most suitable and satisfactory equipment

See details on our official website, FB, Youtube, Alibaba, with 24 hours standby feedback

The worst concern when purchasing important equipment is unavailable service contact. At ANKO, our service goal is to enable all customers quickly and correctly receive our messages. Whether it's from ANKO official website, business and social platforms, you are able to access detailed information on ANKO products and services. If you want to further inquire about machine details or business advice, you can send messages or make calls directly through these platforms. ANKO will reply within 24 hours (excluding holidays), and provide you with the most appropriate solution according to your product needs.


High-standard food testing lab ensures that the food tastes as you wished

The ANKO factory has a machine demonstration area and a bright and clean high-standard product test lab, which provides a variety of flours, seasonings, fillings, special additives and various food processing equipment such as mixers, shredders, dehydrators, steamers, ovens and other kitchen utensils, so you can test all kinds of formulas and machines at any time to ensure that the ANKO equipment meets your actual needs and requirements.


Quality assurance of pre-shipment testing services

ANKO Food Machine Co., Ltd. guarantees stable quality in each and every one of our machines. To also ensure that each machine is delivered in perfect conditions to our customers, we offer pre-shipment testing services for our customers. We inspect and fine tune according to our customer's product to confirm product quality.


Special wooden box packaging ensures the machines arrive in good condition

After the machine is complete, it will arrive via land, sea or air transport. Heavy goods such as machinery and equipment requires heavy duty wooden box designs to prevent rupturing and damaging the product during land, sea or air transport. ANKO's packaging wooden box adopts a double deck design to increase the load strength. The wooden box door panels are fixed by cross nailed box techniques, and the interior is reinforced by adding beams and columns. All strengthening measures are in line with international regulations to effectively protect products from damages during transport.


Straightforward machine operations, provides education to ensure production quality

All ANKO machines use electronic panels or button operations to provide intuitive mechanical operations. The quality of the machine operation is also pivotal to the customer's production quality.Therefore, good education and training is also imperative at ANKO. After the completing the purchase, you will obtain a detailed operating manual containing all the key points and precautions for mechanical operation. In addition, ANKO also provides customers on-site factory machine tuning and education services. You will never have to worry about any machine operation problems.


Online/offline after-sales high-efficiency repair service, managed according to complexity

If any problems occur during machine operation, ANKO's service personnel will assist you step by step to eliminate the cause of the malfunction and reduce downtime. According to the degree of machine operation and damage, whether it is parts delivery or machine maintenance, we will provide different solutions according to the level of complexity, from multimedia online tutorial and video, on-site inspection to return-to-factory maintenance services. We will choose the most time-efficient and cost-effective solution for you to solve your machine problems.



Stringent production SOP execution, never miss a delivery

Introduce system management, electronic management processes optimizes material management

Since the establishment of ANKO in 1978, our manufacturing capacities have always stayed competitive. We have successively introduced ERP, PDM and other electronic management systems to fulfill material management and process management and control. All machines adopt ERP, PDM and other management systems to precisely control the complete list of parts and versions of various machines to optimize production and after-sales service efficiency.


Approved quality with ISO and D&B world-class certificates

ANKO has a thorough and stringent operation SOP, with solid vertical organization and fluid horizontal communication. It has passed ISO9001 certification, which is in line with world-class production and service quality. ANKO also has D&B's certification, which is an internationally recognized corporate reputation certification.


Quality parts suppliers and safe spare parts warehouse

ANKO carefully selects excellent parts suppliers as partners to provide high quality products to customers. At the same time, the spare parts are safely stocked and fully monitored to ensure we provide customers fast parts repair and services. All spare parts, electronic control components and safety devices are manufactured in accordance with international CE standards. Many internationally renowned manufacturers have become ANKO's loyal customers, including CP, AMOY, McCain and Jollibee.


Project management machine production scheduling, with both quality and progress taken into consideration

Immediately after the order is established, a dedicated "production line schedule control table" is constructed to enter the production SPO process, thereby precisely regulating from parts procurement, mechanical assembly to quality inspection processes. In the production inspection process, all quality control items are executed according to the “machine inspection record sheet”. The record will be stamped after completing the inspection to ensure the quality of all machines.


Strictly abide by professional procedures and regulations throughout the year. Efficient, high quality production

ANKO has exclusive storage locations in the plant for materials and parts, semi-finished products or production tools. The on-site operation is based on the "5S Management Law": SEIRI, SEITON, SEISO, SEIKETSU and SHITSUKE (sort, set in order, shine, standardize and sustain) methodologies. The first priority is to improve production efficiency and maintain product quality. The maintenance of machinery and equipment during the production process shall be carried out in accordance with the “Environmental Maintenance Procedures” to ensure that the production and sales process is not affected by adverse environments and equipment. The assembly and inspection process is controlled according to the “Quality Inspection Control Procedures” to ensure operation and product quality.


We look forward to your working with us as an ANKO customer. Please find your appropriate machine and fill in a query form, we will then contact you..Start now >

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