ANKO provides one-stop bao production solution, including vegetable cutting machine, mixer, bao forming machine, and packing machine. Your production planning and bao recipe consultant.

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Bao Production Solution

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Your bao production planning and bao recipe consultant.


ANKO's "automatic bao production solution" offers you equipment and consulting service for production. Equipment includes dough and filling making machines, bao forming, steaming, and packaging machines. On top of that, ANKO's sales engineers can provide professional advice on production line planning, such as factory layout design, different machine combination as well as food recipe adjustment and suggestion, according to your need and industrial scales to build your own bao production line.

In the solution below, the machines can be adjusted in model and quantity according to real production needs.
Please feel free to fill out the inquiry form below for further information.

Bao Production Solution
Bao Machine Solution
Bao Production Equipment
Bao Turnkey Project

Bao production planning proposal and equipment

Bao Production Solution
PreparationFilling / FormingCookingExtended Application
Vegetable Cleaning
Vegetable Cutting
Meat Mincing

ANKO's "bao production solution" includes comprehensive specialist equipment from bao wrapper making to final product packaging:

[ Preparation ] Bao wrapper making and filling processing
- Bao wrapper making: Sieve flour to ensure flour has no lumps and then mix ingredients to make dough.
- Filling processing: For processing vegetables and meat or seasoning and mixing, there are many kinds of machines (including vegetable cutter, vegetable washer, mincer, etc.) for you to fit your needs

[ Filling / Forming ] A good filling and forming machine is the key to high-quality products. ANKO's bao forming machine can quickly mass-produce bao products that are uniform in weight and quality and have delightful pleats. The machine is easy to use. Put prepared dough and filling into hoppers, set parameters, and start producing bao.

[ Cooking ] The steamer combined in the production line can heat up to the boiling point within 8-10 minutes. It can generate a large amount of steam spreading evenly over the entire cabinet. It is basically heated with natural gas, but available with bottled gas or electricity. Also, there is an auto water refilling device to save human resources.

[ Extended Application ] To your production needs, proofing equipment is available, which enables you to proof dough efficiently. Or you might need packaging equipment to automate all production processes from food making to packaging and facilitate delivery and sales. Other machines include aligning machine, fryer, freezer, and so on.

You can rest assured that ANKO's sales engineers will provide the most practical and affordable solution depending on your needs.


Capacity:100 kg/hr or 2,000 pc/hr
*Based on 50-gram bao


  • Voltage can be adjusted.
  • Steamer is available with natural gas, bottled gas, or electricity.
  • Vegetable cutter can julienne, slice, dice vegetables.
  • The thickness of bao wrapper and the amount of filling can be adjusted by parameter setting.
  • All machines meet food hygiene regulations.
  • Can change, remove, add machines according to the real needs.
  • Can give suggestions on space requirement, layout design, and manpower planning.

Suitable for

  • Central kitchen: a place where a large amount of food is prepared and cooked, where the dishes are served at mealtimes or processed into read-to-heat meals and where the operator should pay attention to food safety.
  • Food factory: a building where machines are equipped to prepare ingredients and make, cook and package food. E.g. frozen food factory, ready meal factory.
  • Kitchen design and equipment supplier: a person or organization that provides production process planning, commercial kitchen appliance, and food making machines.
  • Machine distributor: a person or organization that buys great food machines and sells them to local customers.
  • Entrepreneur who wants to invest in the food industry: someone who starts a new food business and needs a comprehensive solution, including consulting service in equipment purchase and manufacturing know-how.
  • Cloud kitchen: a place where a large amount of food is prepared and cooked for takeout and delivery.
  • Restaurant/Cafeteria: it refers to restaurants/cafeterias that need to switch manual to automatic production, in order to save time and labor and increase capacity.
  • Hotel: a place where food is cooked and served to more than a hundred of people at mealtime or processed dishes into ready-to-heat meals to sell.
  • School: it refers to school caterers who serve lunch to teachers, students, and staff or a central kitchen shared by several schools.

What services and benefits are covered in the solution?

One-stop bao production solution allowing you to get all services from purchase to installation from one single place

In order to automatically make baos, you have to buy a series of machines for washing, cutting, mincing, forming, steaming, and packing. Do you feel that you spend a lot of time and effort contacting different suppliers? ANKO provides bao production solution to meet all your needs. Not only equipment, but also a professional food lab is available to help you ensure the machine and machine-made food satisfy your needs. Moreover, when your machine arrived, our installation and training services can help you save time and effort. All you need will be completed in one procurement.

ANKO provides industry-leading integrated services in bao machines

ANKO's consulting team can help you compare different models to find the most appropriate bao machine and install an affordable production line based on your needs and required production capacity. Also, we provide exclusive assessment and integration suggestions according to current conditions, workflow, factory layout, estimated time to put machine into operation, recipes, and other issues. The integrated and specialist service can greatly reduce the risk of purchase and, to meet your requirements, give you the best solution to keep smooth operation anytime.

Maintain bao production efficiency, save time on primary decision

Many owners might have unpleasant experience of contacting customer service for bao machine repair, especially when a problem is handled by different customer service specialists. The long process might affect bao production capacity and lead to unexpected losses caused by shutdown and delivery delays. Hand over your concerns to ANKO! We provide a custom-made one-stop solution for you and assign a specific person to help all things from purchase to repair. Moreover, our comprehensive database records all your machine details to reduce the risks of loss someday.

Food consultants with 40 years of experience help you with your bao recipe

With 40 years of experience in the food machine industry, a wealth of market information, and detailed observation of the industry, ANKO can provide suggestions for equipment upgrades. Through direct interaction with our customers from 112 countries, we are well acquainted with the world's baos and other related foods as well as consumer preferences. Whether it is about texture or taste, ANKO can offer advices on your recipes, even production and strategy in your target market with our general knowledge.

High quality, high capacity, and high efficiency. Your best choice for making bao.

ANKO's "Automatic Encrusting and Forming Machine" is designed with a special dough extruding device to perfectly wrap dough around various fillings, such as peanut powder, bean paste, cheese, and meat. The extrusion will not damage the appearance and texture of the products and the quality of them is stable and good. Moreover, the proportion of wrapper to filling is adjustable as required. It is easy to use. Put dough and filling into hoppers, set parameters, and start the machine to produce bao with pleasant pleats.

How to get a solution proposal?

Let us know your needs via the inquiry form below and phone. ANKO's professional consultants will assess your product and current plan, and then have a further discussion with you. According to your situation, we will recommend a solution that is suitable for you. If you have any questions about machines and production, please feel free to fill out the inquiry form below to have further discussion.

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