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ANKO is a Taiwan multipurpose filling/encrusting/forming machines and equipment manufacturer. Expert of Food Machine and Production Line Solutions with more than 46 years of food machine experience for multipurpose filling and forming machine in Taiwan. since 1978.

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Indonesia Food Production Solution

ANKO Food Machine Company is the expert in siomai, wonton, baozi, tapioca pearls, dumpling, spring roll machine and provides consulting services.


Indonesia is composed of 17 thousand islands, with as many as 300 different ethnic groups. There are many regional specialty recipes, often based upon the indigenous cultures and religious believes, which may also be influences by the Indian, Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, English and the Dutch traders and immigrants.

Due to the rich volcanic soil, humid climate and geographic location, Indonesia is blessed with tropical fruits, fresh vegetables, spices and herbs, together with abundant seafood, meats, nuts & seed, making the cuisine one of the most vibrant and exciting one in the world. Traditionally, steamed rice is the staple food and often surrounded by several other dishes, meals are mostly served family style and eaten with fork and spoon, or sometimes with bare hands. Being a coffee producing country, Indonesians enjoy their cup of coffee, either with breakfast, sweet snacks or deep fried bananas. And to cool off from the warm weather, icy cold drinks and desserts are also loved by the locals.

Street food is another popular way to discover the taste of Indonesia, lots of satay, grilled or deep fried foods, fresh fruits and desserts are sold in the small stalls on the side of the streets. And here are some of the most popular Indonesian foods that we make with ANKO’s machines, such as nasi goreng (fried rice), mie goreng (fried noodles), spring rolls, samosa, roti (flatbread), Bakpao (steamed meat buns) and the most popular krupuk (deep fried shrimp crackers).

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ANKO Food Food Production Solution - Expert of Food Machine Manufacturer

Located in Taiwan since 1978, ANKO FOOD MACHINE CO., LTD. is a food machine and food making equipment manufacturer in Food Machinery, Food Machine, Multipurpose Filling and Forming Machine Markets. Food machine sold to114 countries, including food making machines for dumpling, shumai, spring roll, paratha, pastry sheet, samosa and so forth.

ANKO's food machine has been sold in 114 countries for over 300 types of ethnic food. Food machines are manufactured with ISO certification and pass inspections like CE and UL. ANKO has further provided premium food production solutions. Regardless of whether it's turnkey planning, recipe optimization, mold customization, or machine trial, professional consultation is conducted based on collective machine building experience and unique food recipe database.

ANKO has been offering customers high-quality food machines, both with advanced technology and 46 years of experience, ANKO ensures each customer's demands are met.