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Stir Fryer - BFK-10. ANKO Stir Fryer

ANKO Stir Fryer

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For satisfying the wishes to stir fry a large amount of ingredients, mix seasonings, and dry food in one machine, ANKO's multifunction Stir Fryer is your best choice. It is suitable for cooking fried rice, fried noodle, dried meat cracker, dried meat floss, jerky, fried ground meat, ham, dried shredded squid, steak, coffee, peanut, roselle, watermelon seed, crystalline granule, powder, bean, sugar coating, tea leaf, sesame, dried tofu, sticky rice stirring, and meat stirring. Automatic temperature control and sensor can control heat precisely. The machine with the imitation of gestures preserves food color, flavor, and aroma. A throughput of 30 kg an hour not only gives labor solutions, but also provides stable quality and high capacity.


Specifications Table

Size1500(H) x 1200(W) x 1200(D) mm
Electricity220/380 V,50/60 Hz,3 Phase,0.75 kW
Capacity60 L
Gas Consumption LPG:355,000BTU/hr
Natural gas:Max.4.97m3/hr, Min.1.51m3/hr


  • The most suitable machine for stirring cake stuffing within an hour.
  • Frying pan can be adjusted from 0℃ to 90℃ freely, easy to remove food, stepless, variable speed adjustment.
  • Stirring and drying Row-Su(fish, pork, chicken), bean stuffing, coffee, powders.

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