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Whenever dining in a Dim Sum restaurant, the excitement gradually starts to build up as the dim sum cart rolls out in between the tables, and just when the incredible savory and aromatic fog bursts out from the little steam baskets, siomay is often what we crave for. Also known as Shumai, a type of meat-stuffed dim sum, had not only gained its popularity throughout the world, but also had been recognized as one of Hong Kong's favorite dim sum in the many of the gourmet guidebooks.

The origin of “shumai” is still yet hard to trace, however, there's no doubt that the Cantonese teahouses were credible for making this dim sum item popular and famous. Siomai is a type of traditional Chinese steamed dumpling, often made with pork and sometimes mixed with seafood and vegetables, then wrapped in a thin sheet of unleavened flour wrap. Seaweed siomai is a similar product, but the fillings are wrapped with small pieces of seaweed, instead of flour wrap, suitable for people who are gluten-sensitive or on a low carbohydrate diet.
There are many types of different shumai available on the market, made with either savory meats or even sweet fillings; as it could be easily prepped and served as street food, or sophisticatedly crafted into more refined restaurant delicacy, shumai has the potential to reflects the taste of a certain season, region and/or a terroir. Nowadays, shumai is no longer limited as a handcrafted food item, but could also be efficiently mass-produced.

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Siomay - Automatic Double-Line Shumai Machine

Automatic Double-Line Shumai Machine

Siomay machinery

There is no need to roll out dough by another machine. To put well-mixed dough and stuffing in hoppers is the only preparation for producing 5,000-6,000 pcs/h by Automatic Double Line Shu-Mai Machine. ANKO can customize the mold to adjust the look of shumai and the relative height between wrapper and stuffing. Also, the granule feeding device is a great option to garnish shumai with green beans or chopped carrots for diversifying visual effects.

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