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Shrimp Wonton machine and equipment

Shrimp Wonton Machinery

Wonton(also spelled wantan or wanton for 餛飩) is a type of Chinese dumpling, the name is translated directly from the Cantonese pronunciation and has various different names in different regions in China; such as chaoshou (抄手) in Sichuan or bienshr(扁食) in the Southern regions of China and Taiwan. Wontons are usually made with a thin piece of square wrap made with flour, salt and water, and filled with seasoned ground pork and often with shrimps. Wontons are usually boiled in hot water, served with some chopped scallions, seasonings and white pepper as a soup, or plated with noodles as a meal, otherwise it could be steamed or drizzled in the red hot spicy oil Sichuan style. However in Northern American countries, it’s creatively deep-fried into a clever appetizer.

How to make Shrimp Wonton by our high quality machine?

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Shrimp Wonton - Automatic Double-Line Won Ton Machine

Automatic Double-Line Won Ton Machine

Shrimp Wonton machinery

Automatic Double-Line Won Ton Machine completes the process of making won ton after putting in prepared dough and stuffing. The texture of stuffing stays the same from beginning to end; the pinched pattern on top is as beautiful as hand-made one. The final products show that ANKO is highly concerned with quality control.

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