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Israeli cuisine is as complex and contradictory as its history. The flavors not only reflect the surrounding regions, which include north African, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern traditions, as well as various elements brought to the country by Jews from the Diaspora. On top of the different cultural influences, religion also plays an important role on the Israeli tables, fundamentally, from the “certified kosher” ingredients, to special dishes that are prepared to celebrate the Jewish holidays. Moreover, this relatively young country has not many long-established agricultural customs or staple foods, but has the microclimates and open mind to many new ingredients, produce and creativities.

In Israel, the day may start with fresh juices, coffee or tea, served with eggs, salads, cheeses and freshly baked breads. Other ingredients such as chickpeas, lentils, spices, herbs, fresh vegetables, nuts, olives and olive oil are all essential in everyday cooking; while seafood, and other animal based proteins are included, but the country consumes more vegetarian meals than meats. However, fresh and dried fruits, honey, and desserts are also indispensable.

Although, it’s hard to define the national dishes of Israel, but this ANKO’s food machine can produce falafels and pita breads from the Middle East, which are often considered the iconic food of Israel, yet our machines are also equipped to produce ravioli, tortellini, khinkali (Georgian dumplings) and “kubeh/kibbeh”, which is the Iraqi-Kurdish-Israeli dumpling that’s becoming more and more popular in the U.S.A.

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