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Lumpia Shanghai Machinery

ANKO's SRP and SRPF Semi Automatic Spring Roll and Samosa Production Line is specially designed for producing Filipino spring rolls and other spring roll-like ethnic food products. The unique product line is layout to produce the square wraps from a premixed batter, it's done by smearing the batter on a heated wheel and cutting on the connected conveyer belt with cutter, then the production line is continued with a filling depositor and leaves the final roll up to manual workers.

ANKO's SR-24 Spring Roll Production Line is an automatic production line that starts from battering, baking and chilling the wraps, to filling, folding and wrapping the rolls; it's capable of working with a wide range of fillings, from ground meats, shrimps, chopped vegetables and even sweet fillings such as azuki bean or taro pastes. We highly recommended it to chain restaurants, central kitchens and food factories.

About Lumpia Shanghai

Lumpia are pastries of Chinese origin similar to fresh popiah or fried spring rolls popular in Indonesia and the Philippines. The term lumpia derives from Hokkien lunpia (traditional Chinese: 潤餅; pinyin: rùnbǐng; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: jūn-piáⁿ, lūn-piáⁿ), which is an alternate term for ""popiah"". The recipe, both fried and fresh versions, was brought by the Chinese immigrants from the Fujian province of China to Southeast Asia and became popular where they settled in Indonesia and the Philippines.

In the Netherlands and Flanders, it is spelled loempia which is the old Indonesian spelling for lumpia and has also become the generic name for "spring roll" in Dutch. A variant is the Vietnamese lumpia, wrapped in a thinner piece of pastry, in a size close to a spring roll though, the wrapping closes the ends off completely, which is typical for lumpia.

Filipino spring roll, also known as “lumpia” or “lumpia Shanghai”, the dish was first introduced to the Philippines from China around the 9th Century AD, when Chinese traders step foot on the islands and brought in various new ingredients, dishes, and cooking techniques. Each Filipino spring roll is made with a thin piece of flour spring roll wrapper, filled with a mixture of chopped vegetables, shredded carrots, leeks, and minced pork, in some recipes, chicken, shrimps, and beef may also be used instead of pork; after rolling the wrap into fat cigar rolls, they can be served fresh or deep-fried into crispy appetizers.

Filipino spring rolls are often sold in Filipino restaurants, bars and also as casual street food. Recently it had also become a popular frozen food item in the supermarkets and specialty food stores, catering to working families who don't have much time to cook.

Shanghai roll, also known as “lumpiang Shanghai”, is a type of deep-fried spring roll, often served with sweet and sour or a few other dipping sauces; it's commonly served in Chinese restaurants or found as a popular street food in the Philippines. The word “lumpia” or “lumpiang” in Indonesia or the Philippines, are words directly translated from “ruenbing” (潤餅) in Chinese, which are rolls originated from China and often consumed in the springtime.

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ANKO Lumpia Shanghai Food Machine List
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Lumpia Shanghai - Multipurpose Vegetable Cutting Machine

Multipurpose Vegetable Cutting Machine

Lumpia Shanghai machinery

The multipurpose vegetable cutting machine featuring small size, easy use, and high capacity is one of our best-selling machines. It is suitable for cutting leaf and stem as well as root vegetables such as green scallion, celery, chili, cabbage, carrot, potato, onion, cucumber, ginger, etc., even ham and meat can be processed. There are different types of knife disc for choice, not only the shape but thickness and length are able to modify. A fast process to cut 200 - 800 kg of vegetables in an hour saves time and brings high throughput.

Lumpia Shanghai - High Speed Dicing Machine
AD-1000 Series

High Speed Dicing Machine

Lumpia Shanghai machinery

The ANKO high speed dicing machine is designed to dice root vegetables precisely such as carrot, potato, sweet potato, etc. The size of dices is able to be selected. The maximum throughput of production is 2000 kg/h, which not only saves labor cost, but also enhances stable quality and capacity.

Lumpia Shanghai - Conveyor Fryer
AF-589 Series

Conveyor Fryer

Lumpia Shanghai machinery

For frying products automatically, we recommend this time-saving and labor-saving conveyor fryer. Innovative double layers of conveyor belt enables products place in between, which enables them completely soak in oil. There is no need to stir or flip products over. It also boasts digital temperature controller and thermal cutout to maintain stable temperature without compromising safety.

Lumpia Shanghai - Seasoning Mixer
ARM Series

Seasoning Mixer

Lumpia Shanghai machinery

How to quickly season a lot of ingredients well? Filling, sausage meat, sticky rice mixing or seasoning, the simple but time- and labor-consuming work bothers many food manufacturers. In order to solve the problem, simply by putting all ingredients into the hopper, the Seasoning Mixer can fully mix powdered, liquid, solid flavorings and ingredients. Let all manufacturers focus more on other high-technique food production processes.

Lumpia Shanghai - Finger Spring Roll Production Line

Finger Spring Roll Production Line

Lumpia Shanghai machinery

Prepare batter and pour it into ANKO design Fully Automatic Finger Spring Roll Production Line. Batter is evenly baked at 150-180 degree C into a pastry belt which then is cooled as conveying to filling extruder. The carefully-designed rolling machine fully wraps filling inside spring roll pastry. Through cutting process, up to 6,400 rolls can be made in an hour. ANKO also offers a variety of optional accessories to satisfy individual requirements.

Lumpia Shanghai - Dough Mixer
ML Series

Dough Mixer

Lumpia Shanghai machinery

Satisfying your wishes for stirring various types of dough quickly and evenly, ANKO's automatic spiral mixer and planetary mixer (ML-series) are highly recommended to save time and labor. The stainless steel bowl features two-way rotary action to knead, rub, pinch, mix, twist and roll dough like hand gestures. The machine design meets hygiene requirements without compromising machine appearance. We assure you of reliable and professional machines.

Lumpia Shanghai - Noiseless Vibro Separator and Filter

Noiseless Vibro Separator and Filter

Lumpia Shanghai machinery

Optional equipment, fliter the flour much pure.

Lumpia Shanghai - Hydro-Extractor
YL Series


Lumpia Shanghai machinery

Capacity: 15-25KGS
Power: 1HP, 110/220V, Single/3Phase

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