The Indian wedding feast is a stimulus to all senses, everything not only looks luxurious visually but also has to be flavorful and scrumptious.

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2020 4/20

【Food Industry Trends】Food served at Indian weddings!

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The Indian wedding feast is a stimulus to all senses, everything not only looks luxurious visually but also has to be flavorful and scrumptious. In addition to the paratha, you do not want to miss these savory and sweet dishes.

As the wedding tents set up and music starts to play, shimmering golden threads on the red and white dress shine into the eyes of the guests. The bride and groom step into the place where they declare their happiness, with blessings from friends and relatives. India, is the land of spices, and families celebrate newlyweds' big day with the most magnificent and joyous feasts, along with vibrant music and lots of dancing.

Indulge the Joyful Feast of an Indian Wedding Celebrations

Indulge the Joyful Feast of an Indian Wedding Celebrations

The Indian wedding feast is a stimulus to all senses, everything not only looks luxurious visually but also has to be flavorful and scrumptious. And in order to entertain the constant flow of guests, buffet tables and stations are set up to serve delicious and convenient bites throughout the ceremony, including little snacks as well as banquet dishes.

Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian savory snacks are delicious.

Known for its tandoori chicken as a popular main course, India actually has more vegetarians than most countries, hence meatless dishes are highly valued at the ceremony, usually made with various spice blends and techniques, the outcome can be just as mouthwatering and appetizing to the carnivores. Samosas are served as a great example, each is deep-fried into crusty pastries with delicious savory fillings, whether it's stuffed with meats or without, such as potatoes, spinach and cheeses, they are irresistible finger foods that taste even better with some chutney.


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Other than toothsome samosas, the xiao long bao- (steam bun) or Kloß-like "momo" originated in Tibet, but made its popularity all the way to India, is usually stuffed with meats, vegetables, paneer (cheese curd) or sweet fillings into desserts.


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The feast never excludes joyous dessert.

On top of the savory snacks, how can there be no sweets and desserts in the festive occasion? Gulab Jamun, a sweet, delicious dessert, and perhaps one of the most famous in India is made with slowly condensed milk with added flour, stirred and shaped into small balls. After deep-frying, it's then soaked in syrup and sprinkled with chopped nuts. It's a luxury bite of the milky sweetness and love.

gulab jamun

Rasgulla on the other hand is a similar dessert but a bit more elegant. It's made with fresh curd into small balls, then soaked and cooks in saffron syrup until soft, spongy and juicy with an interesting texture, it's sweet, creamy and complex in every bite.


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Last but not least, don't miss out "pani Puri" , a ping-pong-like deep-fried cracker ball. It's thin and crispy and hollow on the inside, usually pressed open on top first with a finger, then fill it with potato, onion, herbs, and spices, then drizzle over some minty sauces, then enjoyed as soon as possible, to let all flavors explode in the mouth.

pani puri

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A little sweet and little savory intertwined with colorful flavors of bliss, the ceremony can go on for days, the feasts are indulged and happiness continues to be ignited.

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