Is your productivity in making flatbread too low to get more orders?

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Quarterly Hot Food

Quarterly Hot Food machine and equipment

Wraps and flatbreads such as paratha, tortilla are a staple of many regions. With the growing demand, automating the production of food to meet the market needs is every food factory's priority.

Do you know what production process can be automated? ANKO, as a specialist in wrap making production line, is familiar with the production processes of dough dividing, layer folding, filling, baking, stacking, etc. With our 40 years' experience in providing total solutions, many wrap or flatbread suppliers are using ANKO's production line for making wraps such as burrito and scallion pancake.

Automatic Tortilla Production Line

The tortillas, made through the processes of dough ball pressing, baking, cooling, is able to be packed, frozen, and made into burritos immediately. Does your supplier provide good quality products? If you would like to make burritos with self-produced tortilla, the TT-3600 will be your best choice.

Burrito Forming Machine

No matter you already have a tortilla production line or you would like to start up a new food business, it might be a good idea to produce popular burrito for adding values to your business. Simply by putting tortilla on the conveyor, the burrito machine can automatically form burrito through the production processes of ejecting filling, folding and rolling. The BR-1500 helps extending a new product line for owners who have a stable supply of tortillas.

Lacha Paratha & Green Scallion Pie Production Line

Are evenly rolling out a thin sheet of dough and spreading oil always time-consuming? The LAP-5000 can automatically stretch dough into a 0.8 mm sheet and spread oil, then sprinkle spices and coil to make crispy and airy lachha paratha and scallion pancake.

Automatic Layer & Stuffed Paratha Production Line

How to make layered food such as Indian paratha without folding and rolling out dough repetitively? By setting parameters, the LP-3001 uniformly and regularly makes Z-folds and then rolls out dough with multiple sheeting rollers to save your time and effort. A filling device is optional to make filled pastries with crispy layers such as crab-yellow pastry (蟹殼黃, literally xie ke huang) and filled paratha.

ANKO provides consulting services and tailor-made solutions based upon your capacity, factory space, and manpower allocation. If you are interested in any wrap and flatbread machines mentioned above, please feel free to contact us through the provided contact forms.

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