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Monthly Hot Food machine and equipment

According to the UNFAO reports, 20 million tons of cheeses are produced in the world and, on average, each person consumes three kilograms a year. Due to different production process, length of aging, and methods of making, cheese is so special that can be categorized into numerous groups -hard or soft, white or yellow, grated or diced. Having a variety of flavors makes it important in many cuisines.

A lot of foods are perfectly paired with cheese, such as pizza with melted cheese, chicken bake with crispy and golden brown cheese topped, and stuffed foods with cheese inside -the most common dishes like calzone, pizza roll, and cheese samosa that stringy melted cheese ooze with every bite, making people irresistible.

Please refer to the following food list and if there are any requirements, suggestions and ideas, please leave messages in the inquiry form below.

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