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Vegetarians were usually considered religious people. However, with the rise of environmental and health consciousness, more people become vegetarians for the planet, which makes the prevalence of a vegetarian or meatless diet. In these years, the remarkable growth of vegetarianism gives rise to the need for various vegetarian foods. Speaking of veggie, we have to mention the popular plant-based foods in India, where has the most vegetarians in the world. Indian food following the eating habits, therefore, contains many vegetarian dishes, such as samosa, thin pastries folded around seasoned curry potato mash into a triangle, and chapati, baked flatbread eaten with potato curry or various side dishes. The aromatic Indian plant-based food not only provides more choices for vegetarians, but also might surprises meat eaters.

The following stuffed foods can be made with vegetables or meat substitutes and produced by ANKO’s food machines. If you are interested in these foods and equipment, please leave messages in the inquiry form below.

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