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Monthly Hot Food machine and equipment

When the summer comes, a competition between ice desserts begins. Drinks, shave ice, ice cream, etc. are in the battle. They usually take the field with various kinds of topping and garnish. For example, tapioca pearls win favor with people from Asia to the whole world. When having milk tea, shave ice, or wheel pies, tapioca pearls are always the best topping/filling, because their chewy and smooth texture makes people unable to resist. In addition to tapioca pearls, taro balls and sweet potato balls are also foodie's favorite. Sweet syrup, springy toppings (tapioca pearls/taro balls/sweet potato balls), and mouth-melting ice, you can enjoy them in one bite.
Which topping is going to enter the field? Le's get ready to win the battle in this sweltering summer!

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