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Kibbi Mosul Pastry machine and equipment

Kibbi Mosul Pastry Machinery

Due to delicious Kibbi Mosul's quick recipe, it is popular with locals. Therefore, having ANKO's Kibbi Mosul pastry production line can produce and pack products effortlessly. With the non-stick filling depositor, a chunk of viscous meat is able to be laid down regularly to maintain stable product quality. After that, Automatic Filming and Pressing Machine (PP-2) begins filming, pressing, and cutting. Kibbi Mosul pastry is shortly done.

Through ANKO's Kibbi Mosul pastry production line, as long as putting prepared mixture into the hopper, the pastry production and packaging are completed automatically. The maximum productivity is 2,400 pieces per hour. For more detailed production information, please contact us through the provided contact forms.

About Kibbi Mosul Pastry

Kibbi Mosul pastry is often made into frozen food and sold in Arab countries or Arabic shops in other countries. In general, it is made of wheat, rice, Middle Eastern spices, and minced beef or lamb. After dividing and rounding into balls, they are placed on cloth or cling film and rolled out. Plate-like Kibbi Mosul pastry is then spread filling and covered with another Kibbi Mosul pastry on top, pressed tightly along the edges. Now, Ready made Kibbi Mosul pastry is a common product in every supermarket and food store. The middle of two pastries is stuffed with favorite filling. After boiling or pan-frying for ten minutes, a delightful meal is served at home.

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Kibbi Mosul Pastry - Kibbi Mosul Pastry production line

Kibbi Mosul Pastry production line

Kibbi Mosul Pastry machinery

The Kibbi Mosul pastry production line equips with a depositor and an Automatic Filming and Pressing Machine. It deposits viscous meat balls regularly, films plastic covers, presses balls into circular pastries, and cuts, which can make 2,400 pastries per hour.

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