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ANKO - The best Cake Cutter & Portioning Machine manufacturer. We always commit to the development and focus on the quality of our machinery.

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Cake Cutter & Portioning Machine


Cake Cutter & Portioning Machine - CD-630. ANKO Cake Cutter & Portioning Machine

ANKO Cake Cutter & Portioning Machine

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ANKO's Cake Cutter & Portioning Machine quickly and precisely portions out a range of cakes in circle, rectangle, roll, triangle, etc. Double blades with vibration ensure every portion the polished and pleasing look. The machine boasts a memory function and touch panel for easy operation and monitor. We assure you of high quality and professional machines.

Cake Cutting & Portioning Machine


  • Size:1,200 (L) x 1,110 (W) x 1,470 (H) mm
  • Electricity: 220 V, 50/60 Hz, Single Phase, 1 HP
  • Capacity:about 4 - 5 Seconds per cutting
  • Max. Size of Cake:660 x 660 mm(for the cutting plate no need to be turned) ; 400 x 600 mm (for the cutting plate need to be turned)
  • Max. Height of Cake:90 mm
  • Net Weight:380 kgs


  • Suitable for various shape of cake, such as round, square, rectangular and bar shape.
  • LCD Touch Panel, including 20sets memories:
    • Round cake cutting:10 sets
    • Square cake cutting:10 sets
  • Use double blade with high vibration cutting speed
  • It can cut the decoration fruits on the cake.

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