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Pork Ball machine and equipment

Pork Ball Machinery

Chinese pork balls (貢丸/Gong wan in Chinese dialect) are typically made with fresh ground pork, pork fat and seasoning, then mixed and pounded together under cool temperature until the texture is homogenous, then squeeze to form into little meatballs that are just slightly small than a golf ball, soon boiled in water at least 85 degrees Celsius to form. The name “gong wan” comes from the motion of “gong”, which is the motion of pounding, and “wan” is the word for little balls. Hsinchu gong wan is the most famous in Taiwan, however there are many similar meatballs found in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, often cooked into soups and found on street food stands.

How to make Pork Ball by our high quality machine?

ANKO's Automatic Fish Ball/Meat Ball Forming Machine FMB-60 and series of supporting equipment is suitable for producing various kinds of fish, meat or squid balls. When operating, simply load the tanks with premixed meat, shrimp or squid paste into FMB-60, then the forming mold can automatically produce uniformed meatballs. The machine is easy to operate and comes with many different sized forming molds, as well as a CE device to assure the safety of operating personnel. Ultimately, by attaching the supporting cooling equipment, a complete product line is formed, and can vastly increase productivity and efficiency. For more detailed product information, please contact us through the provided contact forms.

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Pork Ball - Automatic Meat Ball And Fish Ball Production Plant

Automatic Meat Ball And Fish Ball Production Plant

Pork Ball machinery

If you would like to produce beef ball, pork ball, fish ball, squid ball, etc., we highly recommend you Automatic Meat Ball And Fish Ball Production Plant that not only reduces labor costs, but also improves efficiency because of its stable and high productivity. Just pour meat or fish paste into a hopper, FMB-60 can hourly produce 12,000-24,000 pieces with chewy texture and uniform appearance.

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