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Ginger bread machine and equipment

Ginger bread Machinery

Gingerbread is a sweet type of food product, often made with ginger, spices, flour, honey and molasses. The recipes originated in Europe, and gingerbreads can be made into hard cookies, or moist cakes such as “Parkin” in England, Pain d'épices (French spice bread) or Pfefferkuchen (German pepper cake), commonly found in Europe and America, which are often served with butter for breakfast. Last but not least, there are also jams or chocolate stuffed gingerbreads dusted with powdered sugar, popular in the Eastern European countries.

How to make Ginger bread by our high quality machine?

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Ginger bread - Ginger Bread, Cookie, Puff Pastry And Patty Pie Production Line

Ginger Bread, Cookie, Puff Pastry And Patty Pie Production Line

Ginger bread machinery

GB-140 is designed for making cookies, ginger breads, puff pastries, patty pies., etc. By changing different molds, it could produce many shapes of finished products such as round , square , triangle, puppet, heart shape., etc. We could fulfill customer's requirement to design forming molds. The products like hand-made ones.

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