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Pumpkin Dumpling machine and equipment

Pumpkin Dumpling Machinery

How to make Pumpkin Dumpling by our high quality machine?

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Pumpkin Dumpling - Automatic Hargao Forming Machine
Hargao Forming Device

Automatic Hargao Forming Machine

Pumpkin Dumpling machinery

ANKO's Hargao Forming Device is dedicated to work with HLT-700 series Multipurpose Filling & Forming Machine, producing the most iconic dim sum--hargao. The forming device can make narrow pleats and half-moon shape hargao and the HLT-700 series can process filling with up to 0.8*0.8*4 cm shrimps inside. With the combination, it improves the production capacity, ranging from 2,000 pcs/hr up to 2,500 pcs/hr, without compromising hargao's delicate pleats, half-moon shape, and shrimp filling.

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