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Prawn Tempura machine and equipment

Prawn Tempura Machinery

Tempura or 天ぷら in Japanese, usually refers to deep-fried seafood or vegetables. Usually the prawns are lightly coated with batter made with eggs, starches, baking soda or baking powder, seasoning and oil under cold temperature, then deep-fried into crispy and fluffy texture. Traditionally, panko (Japanese bread crumbs) is not used for tempura, however, it’s adapted in the Westernized tempura recipes for extra crunch. Prawn tempura is often found in Japanese restaurants, and has nowadays become a popular frozen food product in the supermarkets.

How to make Prawn Tempura by our high quality machine?

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Prawn Tempura - Automatic Batter And Crumb Breading Production Line

Automatic Batter And Crumb Breading Production Line

Prawn Tempura machinery

After users put products on conveyor, Automatic Batter and Crumb Breading Production Line pours batter down like a waterfall, flips products over from a conveyor onto the next crumb-covered conveyor, and then dusts crumbs evenly on the top of food. Finally, the carefully designed machine boasts a vibrating conveyor to shake surplus crumbs off to give evenly coated products with crumbs. We assure you of reliable and professional machines.

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