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Prawn Chips Machinery

ANKO's SK-60/SL-110 Cookie Extruder & Slicers are recommended for producing the pre-fried prawn chips. SK-60 is designed for mixing all the raw ingredients and extruding the shrimp cracker dough into long cylindrical cake, then after steam cooking the dough, it's then chilled and frozen into a long firm cake; then the product line can be completed by placing the cooked dough on to the thickness adjustable SL-110 Slicer, and automatically sliced into uniformed chips, ready for the drying process. These two machines are also suitable for producing various types of cookies and biscuit products,

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About Prawn Chips

Prawn chips or also known as “krupuk udang” in Indonesian, otherwise spelled “kroepoek” in American English and “nuvole di drago” meaning dragon clouds in Italian. It's a type of fried crackers made from prawn paste, starch and seasonings, used as ways to preserve shrimps and prawns in some of the Southeast Asian countries. Traditionally, prawn chips are handmade with tapioca, water, fresh prawn meat and spices, kneaded into dough then rolled out into a sausage and steamed to cook. Finally, the long cooked dough is sliced into chips and sundried, and can be deep-fried into pieces of flavorful, airy and crispy chips.

Prawn chips are sold in both the dried slices and the ready-to-eat crackers, they are commonly found in Indonesia, Malaysia, China and even the Netherland and Australia. Prawn chips are often consumed as a snack and can also be served as an appetizer in the restaurants; it can also be flavored with curry powder, fish sauce and or use cuttlefish instead of shrimps/prawns.

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Prawn Chips - Icebox Cookies Extruder

Icebox Cookies Extruder

Prawn Chips machinery

How to produce icebox cookies quickly? To make slices of icebox cookies, the dough should be shaped and refrigerated until firm before slicing it into a perfect shape. For mass-producing, it consumes time and energy to shape every dough by hand. Now, by putting cookie dough into the dough hopper, the machine can extrud...

Prawn Chips - Icebox Cookies Slicer

Icebox Cookies Slicer

Prawn Chips machinery

Slice frozen cookie dough bar without damaging a knife! Cookie dough often mixes in some dried fruits (e.g. raisin, dried cranberry) or nuts (e.g. hazelnuts, macadamias nuts) for extra texture and flavor. No matter which mix-ins is added, the Icebox Cookies Slicer can slice frozen cookie dough bar with smooth surfaces.

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