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Palacsinta machine and equipment

Palacsinta Machinery

Palacsinta is also known as the Hungarian crepe; the name derived from the Latin word “placenta” meaning a flat cake, and there are many similar types of pancakes found in the Central and Eastern European countries. To make palacsinta, first is by mixing eggs, wheat flour, milk and salt into a runny dough, then an adequate amount of carbonated water is stirred in the batter, then ladled on a heated flat frying pan with melted butter, to form and cook the thin pieces of golden brown pancakes. Unlike making French crêpe, which the batter is recommended to settle for hours before cooking, the runny dough for palacsinta can be used immediately.

Palacsinta is often served as breakfast or desserts; traditionally they are rolled with various jams, fruit preserves, lemon juice, sugar, sweetened cocoa powder, fresh cheeses or nuts. They could also be folded into quarters or made into “rakott palacsinta” with multiple layers of sweet fillings and baked in the oven, a cake-like dessert that resemble the French mille crêpe.

How to make Palacsinta by our high quality machine?

ANKO's SRP Automatic Pastry Sheet Machine or the SRP-CREPE Machines are capable of producing individual palacsinta sheets; the production starts by mixing the palacsinta batter, then spreads and bakes it into a belt of palacsinta sheet, further automatically divides, counts and stacks the pancakes up into piles; the machine has the capacity of making the palacsinta sheet at an adjustable thickness range from 0.4-0.8mm, and maximum width up to 220 mm/pc, however, special pancake sizes could be customize. For more detailed product information, please contact us through the provided contact forms.

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Palacsinta - Automatic Spring Roll And Samosa Pastry Sheet Machine

Automatic Spring Roll And Samosa Pastry Sheet Machine

Palacsinta machinery

SRP is a food processing machine for automatically producing spring roll pastry, samosa pastry, egg roll pastry, and even crepe. What a user only has to do is to prepare batter. The rest of steps, including baking, cutting, counting, and stacking are done by machine. The final products are tidily and nicely stacked in piles, ready to be packed, frozen, and sold at any time.

Palacsinta - Automatic Crepe Machine

Automatic Crepe Machine

Palacsinta machinery

Automatic Crepe Machine is designed by ANKO's RD team. After batter is baked into pastry and cooled, a high-quality rotary cutter will automatically cut 8,100 crepes per hour. For boosting capacity, double-line device is another option to produce 16,200 pieces in one hour. Through part switches and settings, the size and thickness of crepe is adjustable. ANKO provides many options for you to produce the most satisfied products.

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