Your Best Choice of Food and Bread Processing Turnkey Project Provider!

Your Best Choice of Food and Bread Processing Turnkey Project Provider!

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About ANKO


Taste of Tradition, Pioneer in Production

Welcome to the new ANKO Food Machine Company! We have


Experience in food equipment


Customers across
112 countries

Around the world


Developed over
30 food machines

Of different functions


300 recipes

for foods from different ethnicities

Up to more than
10 agent service locations

around the world

1 team of

top professional consultants


ANKO was founded in Taiwan in 1978, and is committed to helping people across the whole world access and enjoy quality food. To ensure our manufacturing quality, we obtained ISO9001 certification in 1999, as well as CE certification for several machines. Also we have become an indicative brand in the global industry through customization, fair prices, recipe consulting, and turnkey service.

ANKO believes that thorough turnkey planning and utilization of diverse production lines, customers can achieve their delicious businesses and together we will create unprecedented market opportunities!


Upgraded corporate identity! The five main core services



“Energy, Integration,Taste, Added Value, and Pioneer” are the five main core services for future ANKO. From June 2019, they will officially define ANKO’s upgrading transformation. ANKO will become not only a food machinery equipment manufacturer, but also a professional consulting company in the ethnic food manufacturing industry.

  • Energy - We understand customer needs and market trends, and constantly develop new products and services that generate endless profit momentum.
  • Integration  - By our wealth of experience, we provide comprehensive integration of plants, production lines, and process planning to design quality and reliable production efficiency.
  • Taste  - With the only ethnic recipe library in the industry, and coupled with professional recipe specialists, we offer recipe consulting services that are most suited for machines.
  • Added Value - Monthly market trend updates, professional machinery equipment knowledge, and technological support unlock new opportunities that add value to the business.
  • Pioneer - Our complete turnkey consulting, including R&D, techniques, technology, and service, lead customers towards the largest market shares.

    Providing quality food production solutions

    With ANKO’s promised missions and visions, global customers trust the solutions that we provide and which all help customers meet more goals. We continue to contribute actively in central kitchens and food manufacturing plants around the world, and whether it’s manual to automatic conversion, production line development, or productivity and quality improvement, we always maintain our corporate ideals of “innovation, accountability, and passion,” passing on our substantial market experience and high-standard techniques, providing comprehensive solutions to ANKO customers, and offering better business solutions and turnkey planning anytime and anywhere.

    In addition, we offer turnkey designing services for plants and production lines, which comprise of a variety of services and equipment from raw material processing, production line planning, production process optimization, to new product research and development customization, and more. Customers need only bring their ideas to start a production line with endless opportunities!


    Leader in Chinese food manufacturing solutions


    ANKO is rooted in Chinese culture and for 30 years has always been dedicated in developing and exploring Chinese foods such as dumplings, shumai, spring rolls, wontons, pot stickers, xiaolongbao, shrimp dumplings, scallion pancakes, tangyuan (glutinous rice balls), baozi, and mantou (Chinese steamed buns). Whether it's hand-formed, pleated, mimic hand-formed, or plump appearances, with crisp fresh vegetable fillings or juicy savory pork fillings, ANKO can fulfill most kinds of dim sum in the market, and our food machines have already been successfully developed and sold in several places around the world. If you expect to expand into the Chinese food market, ANKO is definitely your best choice!


    We look forward to your working with us as an ANKO customer. Please find your appropriate machine and fill in a query form, we will then contact you.Start now >

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