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Sales Service

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Sales Service

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Whether it’s manual to automatic conversion, newly-founded plants looking for novel development opportunities in the food market, small and medium food manufacturing plants, or central kitchens, ANKO can provide various food processing and forming equipment solutions to supply the needs of more than 300 ethnic foods, and is the benchmark brand in the Chinese food manufacturing industry. Through wide experience in the food market and professional expertise in equipment, our team can help your business reach new horizons.

Working together, we can build a comprehensive customized solution for your company. Based on your actual needs after diagnosis and assessment, we will recommend the most suited basic machines, large-scale production lines, front-end/back-end equipment, turnkey project, support services, and recipe consultation.

Why choose ANKO? We have more experience to pass on

Sales Service

The ANKO team is backed by great expertise in the food industry, and may quickly perceive your existing situations and issues. We believe that in addition to understanding mechanical equipment, we must also stand with customers in the food market, observing current statuses and factory conditions to provide thorough and proper planning suggestions for your requirements.

As well as being approved by customers from more than 50% countries around the world and providing top-quality machines with reliable production, in contrast to other machine suppliers, ANKO offers the below services to satisfy all customers, allowing you to invest with more confidence!

Customized production line adjustment
“Not just selling machines to customers.” To help ANKO machines achieve better efficiency, our consultants assess food recipes, sizes and dimensions, planned production, and plant size. They will plan a proposal with the most suitable production lines and arrange for related customization. From recipe modification assistance to turnkey integration, our professional consultants, mechanical engineers, and food researchers will help resolve any encountered software/hardware challenges together with customers.

Handing down flavors through manual-automatic conversion
“How do we dare say that food recipe researchers are customers’ lifesavers?” When converting handmade food recipes to machine production, customers are most concerned that the originally enjoyed textures will go wrong. The secret to maintaining tasty foods after conversion to automated production is the professional expertise of ANKO’s food recipe researchers. ANKO has built the industry’s one and only food recipe library, which records up to 300 ethnic foods around the world, from Chinese, Indian, Middle Eastern, Latin, to European cuisine. The data, accumulated through years of market development, is provided to our customers for more opportunities to expand their markets!

Comprehensive technical support
Allowing each ANKO machine to achieve its utmost potential is our commitment to customers. Our professional consultants offer rising market opportunities, new production line planning, machine-related training, and after-sales repair and maintenance, in every aspect satisfying potential requirements that customers may encounter after machine purchase. If you plan to expand your production line, our well-experienced market consultants can share current market trends with you, and further arrange for engineer support according to the appearance, weight, size, and recipe of the new product. We provide comprehensive after-sales support and regular on-site checkups, striving to reduce stand-by time and prevent failure. Our goal is to resolve problems as soon as possible to minimize customer loss.

Learn about ANKO’s consultation process

Sales Service

1. Send inquiry form
We welcome any ideas from you. Please first fill in a machine model that you are interested in, your planned food product, and contact information. You can enter additional messages or questions in the Describe Requirements field. A salesperson will answer all your questions .

2. Customer service reply
We will confirm the inquiry content with you by email (Email Title: Re: [ANKO Food Machine] Welcome to ANKO!) within 24 hours (excluding weekends and holidays). During this period, please be sure to keep an eye on the contact email address you provided.

If you do not receive the mail within this time, check your folders. The letter may be in “spam,” “trash,” “deleted,” or “archived” folders. If any questions, please send an email directly to

3. Clarify requirements
To save you valuable time and to help us understand your future plans, you can choose from two ways to obtain a quote in response to the first email as mentioned above. A dedicated consultant will then contact you as soon as possible, providing you with appropriate equipment according to the information that you supplied.

: You will need to provide your food item size, weight, basic recipe, and expected commissioning time. Once completed, your request will be assigned to a regional consultant or local agent for contact.You will have a consultation and a complete quote.

4. Factory visit arrangement and machine trial
After assessment by our professionals, a machine trial will be arranged based on your needs. We will invite you to ANKO's customer experience center to learn more about the machines you would like to purchase and try the machine with your recipe. We have a high-standard food lab that allows you to check product and machine production all in once.

5. Professional consultant assistance
Our professional consultants will help you throughout the machine selection and purchasing process, and ensure that the produced food products fulfill the expected taste and appearance. During the testing and adjusting period, technical engineers and recipe researchers will be scheduled as needed to join in problem solving.

6. Contract confirmation
Confirm the complete contents of work and planned delivery time. Once decided, a contract shall be signed to ensure the rights of both parties. Common payment methods in international trade such as T/T and L/C are accepted.

7. Manufacturing and assembly
Arrangements will be made with our factory to produce your order. The responsible salesperson will keep in touch with you at all times, and you are welcome to contact us if you have any questions during this time.

8. Shipment
ANKO’s machines for shipment are all packaged in patented wooden crates that comply with international product protection standards to avoid damage during delivery.


We look forward to working with you as an ANKO customer. Please find the most relevant machine and fill in the inquiry form. We will contact you as soon as possible. Start now >

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