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Headquarters Introduction

Headquarters Introduction
ANKO Food Machine Co., Ltd.
Headquarters Introduction
Native Architectural Concrete
Headquarters Introduction
Eco-Friendly Roof
Headquarters Introduction
Meeting Room Named After The Flower
Headquarters Introduction
Stylish Office
Headquarters Introduction
Client Experience Center

ANKO Food Machine Co. has always been committed to environmental protection, energy saving and carbon reduction. The green building concept has been applied to the construction of the new company building. ANKO's new plant construction is planned and designed based on the green building concept. The building materials and landscape designs are green and environmentally friendly to carbon reduction targets. The office building and a 65 year old Jiadong tree (Bishop wood) planted on the third floor unite the building with nature, which is precedent in Taiwan, a practice of green miracles from inside and out. The office areas and the factory's interior spaces are decorated with landscapes and images of trees and flowers to give ANKO staff an impression of working in a green, safe, and comfortable environment.


The building materials are not only environmentally friendly, but also embody an aesthetically and artistically humanistic atmosphere. Black and gray tiles scattered on the exterior wall resembles a natural flambé glaze style which symbolizes the fresh and humble ANKO enterprise image. Architectural concrete is the other major theme of our building exterior which gives a fresh impression of minimal simplicity.


Not only are ANKO's concepts and values represented from the appearance of the building, the entire building is practically green, environmentally friendly, and recycle oriented. ANKO uses the huge roof surface to collect rain water into filtered tanks for watering site plants to give a literal meaning to the concept of from nature to nature.


A Japanese rock garden was constructed at the back of the site; underneath it is a professional underground detention pond that detains flood water during rain seasons and typhoons, so that staff safety and high quality production environment are assured to provide clients with non-stop service.


The building materials of the exterior walls of the plant are sandwiched between steel plates with mineral wool insulation material inside. This structure decreases the potential threat of fire, and is also good for maintaining interior temperature for a comfortable environment so that ANKO staff can concentrate on machine production for best quality.


Art and humanity styles are completely presented in every meeting room of ANKO. Genuine paintings of flower motifs by well-known Taiwanese watercolorist Hsieh Ming-chang are hung in each meeting room, with the meeting room named after the flower in the painting. Visual space is extended through the painting, so that visitors are relaxed in the atmosphere.


ANKO cares about each employee's well-being, so highly personalized and comfortable working environments were created for our staff. In ANKO's new site, a color recognition system is applied using division panels on the desks to identify different departments. The choice of color is based on color psychology. Spring grass green is for the R&D department, apple green for management, sky blue for engineering, and vivid yellow for sales. Each color plays a different function in elevating the staff's spiritual status in order to work in peace and with a happy mood.


In our new site, from the building materials to the exterior and interior designs, each choice ANKO made has a specific purpose and function to benefits our clients and ourselves. In order to make better use of technology to enhance service quality and efficiency, ANKO set up a fiber optic network on the new site for a comprehensive internet upgrade working at lightning speed for internal data exchange.


The information management system is a key sector that provides clients with satisfactory service. All of the cables in ANKO's new site is aligned via structured cabling which saves managing expenses and provides easy access for multi application, upgrading, extension, and maintenance. This is a major example of ANKO's enterprise quality of corporate governance.


Last but not least, providing clients with comprehensive services has always been ANKO's core enterprise value and spirit. We especially set up a 25,600 square feet client experience center in our new headquarters. Clients can experience machine operations and internal staff train here, so that both clients and employees can practice for themselves.

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