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Shanghai Roll machine and equipment

Shanghai roll Machinery

ANKO's SR-24 Spring Roll Production Line is an automatic production line that starts from battering, baking and chilling the wraps, to filling, folding and wrapping the rolls; it's capable of working with a wide range of fillings, from ground meats, shrimps, chopped vegetables and even sweet fillings such as azuki bean or taro pastes; with a uniformed product length at 100mm, and diameter from 25-30mm. The maximum capacity of SR-24 is at 2,400pcs/hr, we highly recommended it to chain restaurants, central kitchens and food factories.

About Shanghai Roll

Shanghai roll, also known as “lumpiang Shanghai”, is a type of deep-fried spring roll, often served with sweet and sour or a few other dipping sauces; it’s commonly served in Chinese restaurants or found as a popular street food in the Philippines. The word “lumpia” or “lumpiang” in Indonesia or the Philippines, are words directly translated from “ruenbing” (潤餅) in Chinese, which are rolls originated from China and often consumed in the spring time.

Shanghai rolls are often filled with lightly sautéed pork julienne and shredded cabbage and chopped spring onions; light soy sauce, ginger, Chinese cooking wine and a little salt is often used to flavor the fillings, and sometimes shitake mushrooms are also added for extra umami and texture. The cooked ingredients can be stuffed into different sized rolls, but always deep-fried till the fillings are thoroughly cooked and the skin golden and crispy, best to serve and enjoyed fresh with one’s favorite dipping sauce.

Shanghai rolls are simple and savory; it’s now a widely available treat in the frozen sections of the supermarkets all across Southeast Asia, as well as in the Netherland and many countries where there are strong Southeast Asian communities.

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Shanghai Roll - Spring Roll Production Line

Spring Roll Production Line

Shanghai Roll machinery

Spring roll Production Line designed by ANKO is fully automatic to produce 2,400 spring rolls in one hour. After pouring well-stirred batter and stuffing, the automatic process starts from baking drum, cooling fans, cutter with sensor to innovative depositing, folding and wrapping devices. It is the ideal solution for making identical quality and tasty spring roll that can compete with handmade spring roll.

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