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Mantou machine and equipment

Mantou Machinery

Mantou(饅頭)is the direct transliteration of the Chinese steamed bun, a staple food in the northern region of China, where wheat is grown instead of rice and sticky rice. Traditionally, mantou is made with wheat flour, water and yeast, hand kneaded, proofed, divided and shaped into 4cm-15cm buns then steamed in large bamboo steamers. Mantou is often sold in streets or restaurants in northern regions of China, it can also be stuffed with savory ingredients to make sandwiches, cut into slices and wok fried with vegetables and meats like noodles, or deep-fried and served sweet with condense milk.

How to make Mantou by our high quality machine?

ANKO's SB-880 Automatic Multi Function Sheeting, Filling, Rolling & Forming Production Line is capable of rolling up the pressed dough belt into long cylindrical-shaped piece onto the conveyer belt, where it’s automatically cut and divided into uniformed pieces. The production line is designed to process various types of dough, in terms of different ingredient bases such as brown sugar, milk, sesame, etc. to offer consumers a variety of products, even dual color mantou. Moreover, by switching the accessories, it is also suitable for producing gua bao and threaded steam bun. Individual requirements are in our consideration so that we provide customization services in extending the production line and functionality. For more detailed product information, please contact us through the provided contact forms.

How to use ANKO food machine to make Mantou?

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Mantou - Automatic Multi Function Sheeting, Filling, Rolling & Forming Production Line

Automatic Multi Function Sheeting, Filling, Rolling & Forming Production Line

Mantou machinery

SB-880 is made by ANKO for particularly making stuffed foods such as steam bun, steam bread, meat bun, threaded steam bun, beef roll, etc. The advanced design keeps dough texture the same after being rolled up. The SB-880-made final products can compete with hand-made ones.

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