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Cronut machine and equipment

Cronut Machinery

Cronut is a kind of new bakery product from New Yark. It's look like donut but the taste is like croissant. Now, it's very popular in North America and Philippine.

How to make Cronut by our high quality machine?

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Cronut - Dough Sheeter

Dough Sheeter

Cronut machinery

ANKO's dough sheeter can store 20 groups of memory and 24 settings in each group. For different kinds of dough, thickness, dusting volume, and conveyor speed are adjustable as required. The conveyor with servo motor features controllable speed depending on dough characteristics. The dough pressed by DS-650 retains the extensibility for the sequential production of flaky scallion pancake, layered pastry, paratha, puff pastry, cronut, etc., with crispy layers.

Cronut - Customized Puff Pastry Production Line- BP series

Customized Puff Pastry Production Line- BP series

Cronut machinery

ANKO’s customized production line comes in different specifications, suitable for different types of food businesses. Even the complicated production of puff pastry can be automated!BP series are exactly tailored to produce food with multiple processes, capable of processing dough weighing up to 600 kg per hour. For meeting different levels of automation, processing equipment such as cutter, wrapping device, fryer, etc. is optional to save labor costs and food. Moreover, we have years’ experience in turnkey planning to assist customers build new production lines from the beginning, including ingredient processing, food producing, cooking and packaging devices, based on expected capacity and available space. Double or triple production lines are also provided for enhancing capacity and efficiency.

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