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Cinnamon Roll machine and equipment

Cinnamon Roll Machinery

Cinnamon rolls are commonly served in the Northern Europe and Northern American countries, it's a sweet bun made with main ingredients includeing flour, butter, cinnamon and sugar. In Sweden a similar bun is called kanelbulle, and in Finland, Korvapuusti is one of the biggest of its kind, sized up to 20cm in diameter and 200g in weight.

To hand make cinnamon rolls, butter has to be melted and mixed with bread flour and other ingredients into soft dough, then the dough will be flattened and smeared with a layer of melted butter, sprinkled sugar and cinnamon. Then the dough will be rolled and cut into desired size and thickness. To produce cinnamon rolls in the traditional way is rather labor intensive and costly, however, ANKO's Automatic Cinnamon Roll Production Line may be the solution.

How to make Cinnamon Roll by our high quality machine?

ANKO's SB-881S Automatic Cinnamon Roll Production Line is specially designed to produce quality cinnamon rolls. The machines can form the dough into desired thickness, spray with water and sprinkle the dough with sugar and cinnamon. Additional jam, cream, chocolate or bean pastes can be added, then rolled up with a pulley then horizontally cut into desired shape and sizes.

This specific machine model is suitable for producing products of weights between 80g and 200g, and it can be simply operated with constant productivity. Depending on the size of the final product, productivity can range from 1,000 to 3,600 pieces per hour. The automatic production line not only meets international food machine and food safety standards, and can satisfy the demand for mass production. For more detailed product information, please contact us through the provided contact forms.

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Cinnamon Roll - Automatic Cinnamon Roll Production Line

Automatic Cinnamon Roll Production Line

Cinnamon Roll machinery

Through the process of pressing -> sheeting -> misting -> dusting cinnamon power -> forming -> horizontal cutting -> rolling up -> extruding paste, it can produce cinnamon roll.

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