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Incorporate the ANKO consultant team into your business. ANKO began by selling frozen food processing equipment . We own 70% of the frozen food processing equipment market in Taiwan and have also sold them to more than 112 countries.

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ANKO Food Machine Company is the expert in siomai, wonton, baozi, tapioca pearls, dumpling, spring roll machine and provides consulting services.


Incorporate the ANKO consultant team into your business

Whether it’s manual to automatic conversion, newly-founded plants looking for novel development opportunities in the food market, small and medium food manufacturing plants, or central kitchens, ANKO can provide various food processing and forming equipment solutions to supply the needs of more than 300 ethnic foods, and is the benchmark brand in the Chinese food manufacturing industry. Through wide experience in the food market and professional expertise in equipment, our team can help your business reach new horizons.

Working together, we can build a comprehensive customized solution for your company. Based on your actual needs after diagnosis and assessment, we will recommend the most suited basic machines, large-scale production lines, front-end/back-end equipment, turnkey project, support services, and recipe consultation.

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Sales Service - ANKO FOOD MACHINE - Consultation Process

Sales Service

Whether it’s manual to automatic conversion, newly-founded plants looking for novel development opportunities...

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Turnkey Planning - Turnkey Planning

Turnkey Planning

Why Do You Need Professional Consultancy for Facility Planning? When building a new production line in a food...

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ANKO Food Lab

ANKO Food Lab

ANKO Food Machine Company has more than 40 years of experience in manufacturing specialty food products...

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Mold Customization

Mold Customization

Spanning across 110 countries in the world, ANKO worked closely with our clients on developing various...

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Machine Trial - Machine Trial

Machine Trial

Before investing in any food machinery and equipment, you may question “Are ANKO’s machines suitable...

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ANKO - 44 Years Expert of Food Machine Manufacturer

Located in Taiwan since 1978, ANKO FOOD MACHINE CO., LTD. is a food machine and food production consulting service provider in the Food Machinery, Food Machine, Multipurpose Filling and Forming Machine Markets. Food machinies sold in 112 countries, including food making machines for dumpling, shumai, spring roll, paratha, pastry sheet, samosa and so forth.

ANKO's food machine has been sold in 112 countries for over 300 types of ethnic food. Food machines are manufactured with ISO certification and pass inspections like CE and UL. ANKO has further provided premium food production solutions. Regardless of whether it's turnkey planning, recipe optimization, mold customization, or machine trial, professional consultation is conducted based on collective machine building experience and unique food recipe database.

ANKO has been offering customers high-quality food machines, both with advanced technology and 44 years of experience, ANKO ensures each customer's demands are met.