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ส่งคำถาม Burrito เครื่องและอุปกรณ์

Burrito เครื่องและอุปกรณ์

Burrito Machinery

A burrito (US English /bəˈritoʊ/, Spanish: [bu']), or taco de harina, is a type of Mexican food. It consists of a wheat flour tortilla wrapped or folded around a filling. The flour tortilla is usually lightly grilled or steamed, to soften it and make it more pliable. In Mexico, refried beans, Mexican rice, or meat are usually the only fillings and the tortilla is smaller in size. In the United States, however, fillings generally include a combination of ingredients such as Mexican rice, beans, lettuce, salsa, meat, avocado, cheese, and sour cream, and the size varies, with some burritos considerably larger than their Mexican counterparts

How to make Burrito by our high quality machine?

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ANKO Burrito รายการเครื่องอาหาร
Burrito - Semi-Automatic Burrito Wrapping Machine

Semi-Automatic Burrito Wrapping Machine

Burrito เครื่องจักรกล

For satisfying your wish to automate the burrito wrapping process, ANKO's elaborate Semi-Automatic Burrito Wrapping Machine is recommended. Put the burrito wrapper in position; As it's detected by sensor, machine automatically deposits quantitative filling on it. Within an hour, up to 1,500 portions of appetizing burrito are able to be formed. The productive machine not only saves labor cost, but also enhances stable quality and capacity.

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