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Brioche Maschine und Ausrüstung

Brioche Machinery

Brioche is a type of bread that’s commonly considered as a Viennoiserie, yet of French origin; brioche is made with generous amount of eggs and butter, which makes the bread tender, fluffy, buttery rich and golden in color. Brioche is commonly consumed as breakfast or snack, and it may be served with sausages, as burger buns or luxuriously paired with foie gras, otherwise the bread could be cooked with fruits or chocolates and made into various sweet treats.

To make authentic brioche with the help of machineries, it saves a lot of labor and time, yet requires several kneading, resting and proofing procedures, as well as precise temperature and time control. The large percentage of eggs and butter, contributes to the rich taste of a good brioche, but the viscosity and moisture also makes it slightly challenging for automatic production lines.

How to make Brioche by our high quality machine?

ANKO's Customized Brioche Production line offers 3 different solutions that are recommended to individual restaurants, central kitchens and/or food factories to produce brioche; our technicians are capable of working with bakers and chefs to create the following production lines: BP is a complete production line that starts from mixing raw ingredients, capable of processing raw ingredients and dough weighing up to 600 kg maximum; the entire product line may be around 10 meters long (possibly longer) comprises of automatic mixing, kneading, pressing, proofing, rolling, cutting and forming devices, to mass produce pre-cooked brioche breads. And it could also be attached with other equipment or devices for further packaging, freezing and/or baking. While MP production line is only around 5 -10 meters long, comprising all the dough prepping, as well as the rolling, cutting and forming machines; it’s capable of processing dough weighing up to 360 kg. Finally, SP is the most compact line, which is capable of processing dough up to 180 kg, the main function is rolling, cutting and forming final products, and the line is less than 6 meters.

Based on the size of the each bakery, restaurant, central kitchen or factory, the amount of staff employed, the company’s budget and the desired/estimated productivity, all three lines may be customized to order, and are flexible to be extended with the growth of market demand. For more detailed product information, please contact us through the provided contact forms.

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Brioche - Automatische Multi-Funktions-Folie, Füllen, Rollen und Umformen Produktionslinie

Automatische Multi-Funktions-Folie, Füllen, Rollen und Umformen Produktionslinie

Brioche Maschinen

SB-880 wird von ANKO für die Herstellung von gefüllten Lebensmitteln wie Dampfbrötchen, Dampfbrot, Fleischbrötchen, Gewindedampfbrötchen, Rindfleischrolle usw. hergestellt. Das fortgeschrittene Design hält die Teigbeschaffenheit gleich, nachdem sie aufgerollt worden ist. Die SB-880-fertigen Endprodukte können mit handgefertigten konkurrieren.

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