ANKO Food Machine Company jest ekspertem w siomai, wonton, baozi, perły tapioki, pieróg, sajgonki maszyna i świadczy usługi doradcze.

Global Agents and Dealers Recruit

We are Looking for Global Agents and Dealers !

According to statistics, global demand for food machinery is near USD$50 billion per year. ANKO's clients spread over 112 countries and the number is continuously increasing, so our know-how about ethnic foods is as abundant as a walking encyclopedia. To be a partner of us, the machine training and product knowledge supplied are basic; our cyber marketing sources is value-added because thousands of people browse ANKO's website per day and the Internet traffic data competes with that of E-retailers. Therefore, superior global agents and dealers are we need. There is a huge business opportunity in food machinery industry. Machinery quality, timely service, and marketing source constitute perfect backup for you to promote ANKO's food machinery.

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