Your Best Choice of Food and Bread Processing Turnkey Project Provider!

Your Best Choice of Food and Bread Processing Turnkey Project Provider!

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Technical Support Center

Brand new upgraded after-sales service 2.0 provides you with attentive, professional maintenance and repair support


“Innovation, Accountability, and Passion” are ANKO’s three main focuses. Our team delivers thorough after-sales support with the most inclusive service to every customer and machine. You can contact ANKO Technical Support Center by several types of channels. Fill in the below form, send an email, or call us by phone. We will always do our best to help you resolve any issue or concern that you may have.


The highest shipment quality and the most reliable manufacturer warranty
We guarantee “one year manufacturer warranty” under normal use, including maintenance and repair, professional consulting, and troubleshooting. ANKO insists on using original manufacturer parts, and keeps strict control on all outgoing shipment quality. Your purchased equipment will be maintained by our original manufacturer certified engineers with professionalism, care, and passion. We care more than anyone that each ANKO machine operates smoothly every day!

* Warranty period starts on the machine’s date of arrival. Please be sure to retain related forms and refer to the below “ANKO product warranty terms.”


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Dedicated consultants
For any emergency or mechanical issue, our professional original manufacturer consultants provide online support to handle the problem remotely with you and offer reliable suggestions according to diagnosis. The ANKO Technical Support Center offers several different means for maintenance and repair, serving customers from around the globe and providing the best solution for each situation.

Fast parts shipping
Following professional diagnosis, an order will quickly be created for the parts you need, and the original manufacturer will ship them directly to your company by air. Of course, if you have any installation problems, the professional consultants can always provide online remote tutoring.

On-site maintenance and repair support
When the situation is complicated and equipment requires on-site testing, we will arrange for ANKO professional engineers to visit you and help you resolve the problem as soon as possible. They will give professional suggestions based on the frontend/backend production or operations on site.

Meticulous original manufacturer repair
If the diagnosis shows that factory repair is necessary, we will arrange for your machine to return to the original manufacturer for a complete systemized ANKO inspection to check and fix failures more accurately and rapidly. Rest assured that our professional technicians will give your machinery equipment a complete repairing plan with high quality service.


“ANKO product warranty terms”

  1. Machines purchased from the manufacturer or from authorized agents and under normal use are covered by a one year parts warranty service (excluding consumable parts), starting from the machine’s arrival date listed on associated certifications (please be sure to retain these documents properly).
  2. During the active warranty period, should the machine be found to have manufacturing or assembling defects, ANKO will provide free repair or exchange of the defected parts on a case-by-case basis.
  3. 3. Users should operate and maintain the mechanical equipment according to the user manual’s instructions. If you have any operational questions, please consult ANKO’s Technical Support Center.
  4. Warranty exclusion clauses:
    4.1 Consumable parts and accessories.
    4.2 Part deterioration and system errors caused by abnormal operations.
    4.3 Failures due to self-administered modifications of the machine that were not approved by ANKO Technical Support Center.
    4.4 Damages caused by customers carrying out routine maintenance on their own without following recommended cleaning and maintenance procedures.
    4.5 Force majeure, such as natural disaster, war, and human caused damage.
    4.6 Beyond the scope of warranty, if the customer requests after-sales repair or maintenance service, a reasonable fee shall be charged according to the customer’s location to meet the demands of normal machine operation.


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