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Customized Puff Pastry Production Line- MP series

Customized Puff Pastry Production Line- MP series - . French puff pastry making machine

French puff pastry making machine

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ANKO’s customized production line comes in different specifications, suitable for different types of food businesses. MP series is composed mainly of two stages: dough belt making and food forming. It can process 360 kg dough per hour. For meeting the needs of higher capacity to run central kitchens, food factories, restaurant chains, etc., we recommend the fully automatic MP series. ANKO offers food manufacturers the great flexibility of customizing machine. Depending on various food production processes, the MP series is able to be composed of types of corresponding automated equipment such as rolling, folding, filling, dusting, etc. The adjustment service of recipe or machine structure is also provided until customers are satisfied. We even supply our valuable recipes for more perfect performance of our machine.

Certification No.

  • TW Patent No.M463045

Customized puff pastry maker

Customized empanada production line

French puff pastry making machine (heart shape and rectangular shape)

Customized puff pastry maker

Customized puff pastry maker is recommended for producing various puff pastries such as puff pastry bread, croissant, empanada, calzone, apple pie, fruit turnover, French puff pastry, etc. Machine parts which come into contact with food are made of food grade materials. The production line is also patented and complies with CE regulations. ANKO commits itself to provide the best quality machines and services to customers.

Customized Manufacturing Process

Dough pressing/sheeting, cutting, flour dusting, filling, and wrapping devices are optional for assembling customized MP series production line, which can improve efficiency and production capacity without compromising food taste. That is because the manufacturing process is designed with traditional handmade instructions in mind.


  • MP series can process 360 kg dough in an hour. The capacity will be estimated in accordance with individual product dough weight.
  • Standard length of automatic production line: 5-10 m.
  • High/medium capacity.


  • Customized production line. Product size is adjustable.
  • Dough thickness is adjustable.
  • Changeable accessories, such as cutter, die cutting device, filling device, etc. provide great flexibility in producing different kinds of food.

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