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ANKO launches Corporate Identity System, creating value in tasty traditions

ANKO launches Corporate Identity System, creating value in tasty traditions QRCODE
Today (Monday June 10, 2019) ANKO Food Machine Co., Ltd. officially introduced a new Corporate Identity System (CIS) and announced a brand new vision for sustainable operations, “Taste of Tradition, Pioneer in Production,” as well as “Five main core service concepts” to reinforce brand commitments, with determination to lead the global food equipment industry towards whole new prospects.

Under the leadership of Chairman Robert Ouyoung and General Manager Richard Ouyang, and with over 40 years of expertise in food machinery equipment, our team has continued to overcome industry constraints and set sights on the overseas global market. During the past years, unceasing efforts to introduce systemic resources of all kinds, setting the example for the first Taiwan B2B company to integrate web marketing, utilizing 5S management in factories to establish efficient operations, and professionally-trained consulting services have pushed ANKO towards the world. The brand is now successfully established as a benchmark business in the international market.

Taste of Tradition, Pioneer in Production
ANKO has successfully served customers from 112 countries. The key is the deep and serious efforts, from mechanics R&D technology, recipe studying, to market trend surveys, which we put into ethnic foods around the world. By discovering customer needs and concerns actively through diverse channels, endless delicious opportunities have been created, and the foundation was set for ANKO’s decision to pass on the most valuable hometown tastes in each person’s heart.

The newly introduced logo design highlights the interlinkages of food manufacturing, and within these linkages the creation and presentation of food art’s advancement with time. Through virtual and reality, manufacturing and integration, safety and taste, we continue to grow and move forward among the circling rings. The branding, reminiscent of a Tai Chi symbol, as well as the rounded boxy font, and conjoined with appetizing color presentation, reinforces ANKO’s brand commitment to each and every customer.

The five main core service concepts
“Momentum, integration, taste, add-value, and leadership” are the blueprints that describe ANKO’s upgrading transformation. ANKO will become not only a food machinery equipment manufacturer, but also a leading consulting brand in the food machinery equipment industry. Combining the five main core service concepts, we help push customers towards new business heights through profit momentum, plant integration, recipe consulting, industry add-value, and market leadership.

As the frozen food market requirements advance with time and change incessantly, ANKO, as a leading brand, will focus more on user service to provide the most ideal comprehensive solutions.

Look for all-new experiences after our rebranding
ANKO will present a series of innovative milestones this year. First, on Thursday June 19, 2019, the much-anticipated product launch for the HLT-700U multi-function filling & forming machine will be held at Foodtech & Bio Pharmatech Taipei. Next, we will be launching the “ANKO Service+ APP,” which was developed through combining smart technology with ANKO’s machinery. Customers shall then enjoy the most rapid and accurate after-sales service with zero time lapse. In addition, our website will of course be completely upgraded and will soon offer ANKO customers even better shopping experiences.

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