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Monthly Hot Food machine and equipment

You may have tried spring rolls, but what you’ve eaten may just be one of a variety of spring rolls - popiah, lumpiang Shanghai, lumpia, chả giò, egg roll, etc. These kinds of rolls with a thin wrapper rolled around meat and/or vegetable filling are derived from China. After migrants traveled to different countries, the original spring rolls become different dishes with local specialties.

Spring roll filling can be vegetable or meat, or both. Generally, Chinese cabbage and cabbage are commonly used; lettuce is another choice in some regions. Meat filling can be pork, chicken, or beef. Some seafood-lovers may add shrimps. In addition to the ingredients above, a spring roll consists of many ingredients include shitake mushroom, black fungus, bean sprouts, shredded bamboo shoot to add flavor and texture as well as satisfy our stomach. Spring roll wrappers come in wheat flour wrappers and rice paper wrappers. People can enjoy the spring rolls with both wrappers directly, or deep-fry them to have a crisp texture. Every kind of spring rolls is popular with people.

Spring rolls are delicious but take time to make. For people who want to increase productivity with a food machine, we have to let you know that not all kinds of spring rolls are able to be made by machine. However, ANKO is capable of helping customers adjust recipes for machine production without sacrificing quality and taste. We also provide ready-to-use recipes for making perfect spring roll wrappers, which are thin, even, and tasty.

ANKO offers not only spring roll wrapper machine, but also automatic spring roll making machine. The automatic production of spring rolls starts from baking, filling, to folding and rolling, helping save time and money. If you are interested in our spring roll machines, please leave messages in the inquiry form below. Our experienced staff will contact you as soon as possible. Thank you.

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