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Quarterly Hot Food

Quarterly Hot Food machine and equipment

With culture exchanges and migration, many delicious traditional foods are brough to other countries and loved by many foodies.

For example, Indian food is very popular with the British. Indian restaurants are everywhere. Finding Indian selection or samosa platters is also easy in supermarkets. Moreover, the Middle East dishes such as falafel with pita bread become one of the favorite fast-casual foods in Europe and America where is also swept by Chinese dumplings and spring rolls. They're not only served hot in restaurants, but also beloved frozen food. The traditional food is a familiar hometown flavor for the same ethnic group of people and it is a new taste for different ethnic groups.

When you enjoy food, you enjoy its taste and texture. How do we, ANKO, a Taiwanese company in Asia being dedicated to manufacturing ethnic food machines, meet the strick requirements of authentic tastes from Global Gourmet Pvt. Ltd from Indian, Noura Restaurant from France, and Jollibee Foods Corporation from the Philippines? It is because that we have 40 years' experience in making, stuffed products machines to satisfy our customer in 112 countries.

Do you also want to make homemade or exotic food easier and faster?
To help you make the food you like, ANKO provides the two following services:

*Machine trial

You are most welcome to visit us and have the machine on trial. We are capable of dealing with some changes in texture and look that might happen when shifting from manual to automatic production, and providing suggestions in recipes based on our database of at least 300 recipes. For instance, what should the ratio of flour to water be to have the same handmade taste? And how hard or soft the dough should be to make the food perfect in shape with a machine?
The machine trial service won't stop while the food is made. We care more about taste experience.

*Local Distributor around world

We want to be closer to local cuisine and understand that "one of them knows them the best" like ANKO is very familiar with Chinese foods such as dumpling and spring roll. Therefore, ANKO works with a network of distributors to provide support worldwide. We have an Indian distributor to remind you to pay attention to the production of rasgulla and samosa; the Middle East distributor will tell you the tips of making kubba and falafel; our business partner in the U.S. will share the burrito and pupusa recipes with you. All of them are parts of our services. ANKO's distributors assist you with not only the production of food but also timely repair services to minimize risk or loss.

Are you still worried about high labor costs or high turnover? And are you annoyed that you cannot meet the growing demands for delicious food? To help you make the food tasty, ANKO offers you comprehensive services from recipe suggestions, equipment planning to machine installation and training.

If you would like to learn more about our consulting services, please feel free to contact us via the form below, we will get back to you soon.

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