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Wheat, corn, rice… staple foods of this sort is usually processed into a variety of dishes in which the food products made by flour are the most common. The combination of flour and water gives many surprises to the food world. Soft flatbreads such as roti made with flattened dough and baked, thin pastries such as Indian samosa pastry or Chinese spring roll pastry made with batter and baked on a griddle, and layer flatbreads such as scallion pancake, which has layers of butter/oil and dough, sometimes a spice is added. The sweet flavor of bread and pastry broadening in the mouth as chewing makes people irresistible.

Flatbreads and pastries are eaten in many countries and usually have strong national color. For example, the flatbread that puffs up as baking and can be separated to hold stuffing is pita from Middle East. Crispy chapati from India is usually served with various sides. Spring roll is a traditional Chinese food. The stuffing is rolled with a thin pastry and deep-fried. In Mexico, people eat burrito, which is another kind of rolls, wrapped around with a thick tortilla. These flatbreads, pastries, and rolls are very convenient to eat, so they are commonly seen in many places from street stalls to the dining tables at home and party.
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