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Monthly Hot Food machine and equipment

People across the world have their favorite winter sweet treats. Roasted chestnut is beloved by Europeans and the Chinese like to warm up themselves with a bowl of tang yuan. When the temperature is going down, the demand of tang yuan and yuan xiao is going up. According to Inc., a Chinese e-commerce company, the sales of tang yuan and yuan xiao in winter, especially during Chinese New Year’s Eve and Lantern Festival, is 57 times more than in other seasons. How good and important the business opportunity is in winter.

Tang yuan and yuan xiao are so popular because they are chewy and have a variety of flavors. Tang yuan is glutinous rice dough wrapped around sweet or savory filling; yuan xiao is mainly sweet, formed by layers of glutinous rice flour, which texture is springier than tang yaun.

It's time to seize the winter opportunities, but how to meet the demand? ANKO recommends SD-97W Automatic Encrusting and Forming Machine for making filled tang yuan with different filling such as black sesame, peanut, bean paste, and meat. If you are interested in our tang yuan machine, please leave messages in the inquiry form below. We will contact you as soon as possible. Thank you.

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