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Monthly Hot Food

Monthly Hot Food machine and equipment

Cookies (or biscuits) are the world’s beloved snacks and always have a place at homemade markets, confectioneries, and bakeries. The basic ingredients are egg, butter, sugar, and flour, then extra ingredients could be added to create various flavors and textures. It is easy to make, so it easily becomes the first product to start a baking business.

When the business is growing and followed by a labor shortage, the switch from manual to automatic production will be an option for you. However, we know it concerns you that there is a great change in the taste and look. Therefore, ANKO offers a machine trial service to ensure the taste and handmade look of cookies meet all your needs.

If you want to make stuffed cookies, we offer the SD-97W Automatic Encrusting and Forming Machine. It is equipped a dual dough hopper for making stripped cookies in two colors. If you want to have uniform cookies in shape, the SK-60S Icebox Cookies Extruder can mass-produce shaped bars. Then, the SL-110 Icebox Cookies Slicer is designed to quickly slice the frozen bars for baking. The thickness of cookie slices can adjust as required. And both machines are able to work with dough containing nuts such as almond slices, peanuts, etc., to add texture.

ANKO is also capable of making customized machine producing imitation handmade cookies with irregular surface. If you are interested in our cookie (or biscuit) machines, please leave messages in the inquiry form below. We will contact you as soon as possible. Thank you.

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