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Bun, also known as baozi or bao, is one of the iconic Chinese foods and is very popular both in restaurants and at street food stalls because it is delicous and can be grabbed and eaten on the go. There are many variations in different countries. Examples are the Filipino "siopao", the Japanese "中華まん", the Mongolian "Бууз", the Vietnamese "bánh bao", etc. In addition to the name, the ingredients of filling vary from region to region, such as pork, onions, mushrooms, eggs, shrimps, lamb, and beef. In recent years, a large number of shaped buns are going viral. The shiitake mushroom- and animal-shaped steamed buns bring a lot of fun to meal time. As for the filling, various kinds of filling such as curry and sticky tofu are very different from the traditional ones.

Buns are taken as breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack, so they are always the bestsellers in the supermarket frozen food sections. The high demand drives a common shift from manual to automatic production, but how to maintain the texture of handmade buns? and how to produce fluffy buns with delicate pleats at the top? ANKO’s SD-97 series is designed to make buns with deep or shallow pleats, or without pleats. For making the hot selling 9-pleat or 12-pleat soup dumplings, HLT series with EA-100KA are the most recommended machines. If you are interested in our bun, soup dumpling (xiao long bao) machines, please leave messages in the inquiry form below. Our experienced staff will contact you as soon as possible. Thank you.

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