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Quarterly Hot Food

Quarterly Hot Food Machine and Equipment

Customers may have many concerns and requirements before and after purchase. ANKO provides a comprehensive sales service to enable customers to produce food smoothly.
Before-sales service: consulting service, machine trial, recipe adjustment, customization
In-sales service: installation, training
After-sales service: Preventive maintenance packs, 1-yr warranty, on-site maintenance & repair

*Success story of customized service

In order to satisfy individual needs, ANKO established Customized Innovation Department that specializes in customized projects through redesigning or adjusting machine mechanism to perfectly replicate the details of their food products. For example, the folding device of BR-1500 Burrito Forming Machine might be affected by the hardness of tortilla. ANKO’s professional engineers will carefully customize every machine to meet customer’s expectation. We also provide on-site services such as installation and training.

*Success story of recipe consultancy

Spring roll pastry ingredients affect the taste of a spring roll. In ANKO’s recipe database, there are several batter recipes for commercial use, which satisfied all our clients’ needs. All solutions to meet the requirements for the flatness, thickness, texture, or elasticity of spring roll pastry are able to be found in ANKO’s recipe library that accumulates our 40 years of experience.

*Success story of production line proposal

How do we plan a high efficiency food production line? Front-end and back-end equipment are required when manufacturing food products, ANKO provides comprehensive production line proposal according to your product. Take SRP Automatic Spring Roll and Samosa Pastry Sheet Machine, for example. Machine model, batter mixer, cutter, and other items will be appropriately combined to fit your needs and maximize the efficiency.

*Maintenance parts in a pack

ANKO knows from experience that many users found they had to replace consumables when their machines couldn’t function normally, which might cause a decrease in product yield or even downtime. The following process including parts delivery might take a few days so that we highly recommend that you have consumables on hand. Helping you maintain your machine easily and reduce downtime, ANKO provides different maintenance packs in which the type and quantities of parts are prepared in accordance with the replacement frequency and the deterioration degree of each part. If you need any further information, please feel free to fill out the form below, we will get back to you soon.

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