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ANKO Quarterly Hot Food machinery and equipment with 40 years experience

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Quarterly Hot Food

Quarterly Hot Food machine and equipment

ANKO is dedicated to providing good products. In addition to continuous quality enhancement, we focus more on user-friendly design, including human-centered operation, easy assembly and disassembly, and high efficiency system, to help customers create a friendly and efficient working environment and produce food products that meet market demands.

*Effort-saving disassembly for cleaning: HLT-700U dumpling machine

ANKO Food Machine Company’s best-selling dumpling machine can make dumplings, simply by putting filling and dough. Nevertheless, you might feel the hassle of cleaning after production. With our new dumpling machine - HLT-700U, you don’t have to hold and rotate the heavy stainless filling hopper. A twist of nuts and a slight turn of the hopper can easily disassemble the hopper for cleaning.

*Compact and high capacity

Is your space limited? We consider not all customers have large space and every square meter need to be utilized effectively. ANKO’s tapioca pearl machine can let you produce tapioca pearls for making 5,400 cups of boba tea in one hour
with less than 0.8-square-meter space requirement. You can always count on ANKO’s most compact machine to meet the highest capacity.

*Labor-saving design

ANKO’s siomai machine can automatically produce siomai, by putting prepared dough shreds. It features a sensor to control dough belt conveying speed, which allow subsequent phases such as dough belt cutting, filling, and forming to work smoothly without human control.

*Quick Cooling and auto counting

Batter is the only material you need to prepare. Baking drum with stable heating system bakes batter into a spring roll pastry belt. The batter nozzle and pastry cutter can be customized to meet your demands for square or rectangular sheets. We equip the production line with cooling fans and auto counter to save the cooling and counting time. Finally, piles of spring roll pastry sheets, all with the same number, are ready for packing.

*Maximize efficiency of human-machine interaction

Production flow is the main factor to affect the manufacturing efficiency. For example, wonton machine can mass-produce wonton quickly, but to the manual picking process, different factories have different arrangement. In order to coordinate with different number of workers, conveyor of the wonton machine is designed with 5-stage speed control to achieve maximum efficiency.

Production equipment is the right-hand man to increase efficiency. The user-friendly design of ANKO Machinery is to help create more value between food machinery and users. If you would like to learn more about our comprehensive food machinery, please feel free to contact us via the form below, we will get back to you soon.

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