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Wonton Machinery

ANKO's HWT Series include HWT-400 Automatic Double-line Wonton Machine, which is capable of producing regular or larger wontons of product weight from 12 g-17 g/pc, productivity up to 3,500-4,200 pcs/hr, and the thickness of the wrapper is adjustable; by placing the pre-mixed dough and desired filling in the loading tanks, both machines are capable of producing won ton with great shape and textures. The automatic pressing, pulling, cutting, filling and forming devices, complete the product line without any extra conveyer belt for the dough, and the special forming mold creates folds that resemble handmade products. The actual sizes of the machines are compact and easy to clean.

ANKO provides comprehensive wonton equipment solutions

Wonton Production Solution
Wonton Machine Solution
Wonton Production Equipment
Wonton Turnkey Project

ANKO provides not only a series of wonton forming machines to assist you to solve problems of human resources and costs, but also a custom-made solution, including combination with preparing, cooking, and packaging equipment, process flow design, factory layouts planning, and consulting services. All things related to the production of wontons are comprehensively considered. Please click the button below to have further information.

About Wonton

Wonton(also spelled wantan or wanton for 餛飩) is a type of Chinese dumpling, the name is translated directly from the Cantonese pronunciation and has various different names in different regions in China; such as chaoshou (抄手) in Sichuan or bienshr(扁食) in the Southern regions of China and Taiwan. Wontons are usually made with a thin piece of square wrap made with flour, salt and water, and filled with seasoned ground pork and often with shrimps. Wontons are usually boiled in hot water, served with some chopped scallions, seasonings and white pepper as a soup, or plated with noodles as a meal, otherwise it could be steamed or drizzled in the red hot spicy oil Sichuan style. However in Northern American countries, it's creatively deep-fried into a clever appetizer.

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ANKO Wonton Food Machine List
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Wonton - Multipurpose Vegetable Cutting Machine

Multipurpose Vegetable Cutting Machine

Wonton machinery

The multipurpose vegetable cutting machine featuring small size, easy use, and high capacity is one of our best-selling machines. It is suitable for cutting leaf and stem as well as root vegetables such as green scallion, celery, chili, cabbage, carrot, potato, onion, cucumber, ginger, etc., even ham and meat can be pr...

Wonton - High Speed Dicing Machine
AD-1000 Series

High Speed Dicing Machine

Wonton machinery

The ANKO high speed dicing machine is designed to dice root vegetables precisely such as carrot, potato, sweet potato, etc. The size of dices is able to be selected. The maximum throughput of production is 2000 kg/h, which not only saves labor cost, but also enhances stable quality and capacity.

Wonton - Conveyor Fryer
AF-589 Series

Conveyor Fryer

Wonton machinery

For frying products automatically, we recommend this time-saving and labor-saving conveyor fryer. Innovative double layers of conveyor belt enables products place in between, which enables them completely soak in oil. There is no need to stir or flip products over. It also boasts digital temperature controller and ther...

Wonton - Seasoning Mixer
ARM Series

Seasoning Mixer

Wonton machinery

How to quickly season a lot of ingredients well? Filling, sausage meat, sticky rice mixing or seasoning, the simple but time- and labor-consuming work bothers many food manufacturers. In order to solve the problem, simply by putting all ingredients into the hopper, the Seasoning Mixer can fully mix powdered, liquid, so...

Wonton - Automatic Double-Line Wonton Machine

Automatic Double-Line Wonton Machine

Wonton machinery

Automatic Double-Line Won Ton Machine completes the process of making won ton after putting in prepared dough and stuffing. The texture of stuffing stays the same from beginning to end; the pinched pattern on top is as beautiful as hand-made one. The final products show that ANKO is highly concerned with quality contro...

Wonton - Dough Mixer
ML Series

Dough Mixer

Wonton machinery

Satisfying your wishes for stirring various types of dough quickly and evenly, ANKO's automatic spiral mixer and planetary mixer (ML-series) are highly recommended to save time and labor. The stainless steel bowl features two-way rotary action to knead, rub, pinch, mix, twist and roll dough like hand gestures. The mach...

Wonton - Noiseless Vibro Separator and Filter

Noiseless Vibro Separator and Filter

Wonton machinery

Optional equipment, fliter the flour much pure.

Wonton - Hydro-Extractor
YL Series


Wonton machinery

Capacity: 15-25KGS
Power: 1HP, 110/220V, Single/3Phase

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