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Vareniki machine and equipment

Vareniki Machinery

ANKO's HLT-700XL Multipurpose Filling and Forming Machines are suitable for restaurants or food processing factories. The machine is designed to mechanically produce dumplings made with wheat flour, rice flour dough or puff pastry dough; by changing the forming molds, it has the produce various ethnic stuffed dumpling products, such as Vareniki, Chinese soup dumplings or calzone.

About Vareniki

Vareniki is a type of stuffed dumpling made with unleavened dough, nowadays it's commonly found in the Post-Soviet states, yet considered a national dish of Ukraine. Vareniki is often boiled or sometimes steam, thus the name “Vareniki” which means “the boiled thing” in Ukrainian; it's a dish similar to the Polish pierogi.

To make Vareniki, the traditional fillings can range from savory minced meats, offal, fish, sauerkraut, cabbages, and hard-boiled egg, or a combination of these. And the typical sweet Vareniki is often stuffed with local fresh cheeses and fruits such as sour cherries, berries and currents. After boiling the Vareniki, a generous serving of fried salo (local cured lard or bacon) bits and onion accompanied with smetana (sour cream) is topped on the savory dumplings; and the dessert Vareniki is often served with smetana, sugar, honey or jams.

Stuffed dumplings are found in many parts of the world, they can be made into various sizes and numerous different fillings; then can either be boiled, steamed or even pan-fried or baked into hearty dishes. Traditionally, these dumplings are made fresh, but recently available premade and frozen in the supermarkets or specialty food stores.

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ANKO Vareniki Food Machine List
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Vareniki - Gas Steamer
AS Series

Gas Steamer

Vareniki machinery

The high quality and stainless steel Gas Steamer features rapid rise in heat and a large amount of steam. Through time controllers, steam evenly spreads over the entire cabinet. Heat up to the boiling point in only three minutes. Also, there is an auto water refilling device to save energy.

Vareniki - Double-Line Multipurpose Filling & Forming Machine

Double-Line Multipurpose Filling & Forming Machine

Vareniki machinery

HLT-700DL Double Line Multipurpose Filling & Forming Machine, one of the main models of ANKO, features stable filling system and two forming mold sets to increase production capacity to 60,000 pcs/hr, the number has doubled compared with the single-line machine, without compromising the product's appearance. The easy-change forming mold of HLT series offers companies increased flexibility and extensibility in production. Tens of products can be made in one machine such as dumpling, potsticker, samosa, har gow, pasta, etc. The HLT-700DL greatly increase production capacity, as well as decrease labor costs and food wastes, providing high quality products remaining artisanal characters.

Vareniki - Multipurpose Filling & Forming Machine

Multipurpose Filling & Forming Machine

Vareniki machinery

Multipurpose Filling & Forming Machine has been approved by many clients. Just change the forming mold, HLT-700XL can produce various foods such as dumpling, fry dumpling, samosa, hargao, ravioli, etc. With HLT-700XL, any food maker can transform business to automatic production with no trouble. The Multipurpose Filling & Forming Machine is helpful to increase productivity, uniform food specification as well as decrease labor cost and ingredient waste.

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