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Summer Roll machine and equipment

Summer Roll Machinery

Instead of manually producing Summer roll, ANKO's RPS Series of Summer roll Machine is designed to automatically distribute and soften the dried rice paper onto the conveyer belt, as well as steam, and fill the rice paper with desired ingredients, then the final rolling process could be completed manually. The machine can produce Vietnamese spring roll with efficiency and less manual labor in the conventional way. RPS Series is suitable for both small food factories or larger plants, for more information about ANKO's RPS Series Vietnamese Rice Paper Spring Roll Machine, please refer to the machine models listed below, or feel free to send us your product inquiry online, thank you.

About Summer Roll

Vietnamese spring roll is a very popular treat in Vietnam, the dish was inspired by the Chinese spring rolls, however, since rice is the major crop in Vietnam, the wraps are made with rice flour instead of wheat, and therefore the texture is more chewy.

The Vietnamese spring roll wraps are made with silky rice and starch batter, it's steamed into paper-thin opaque round wraps. Usually it's filled with sprouts, vermicelli, minced meats, shrimps and chopped spring onion and then deep-fried into golden brown and crispy rolls, and then wrapped into lettuce leaves and seasoned with some fish sauce. Another type of roll is made with the rice wrap, without deep-frying, just simply roll in shredded lettuce, chicken, vermicelli, mint leaves and cooked shrimps, and enjoyed with some Vietnamese hot sauce and fish sauce, both are very delicious and commonly found in Vietnam.

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Summer Roll - Vietnamese Rice Paper Spring Roll Machine
RPS Series

Vietnamese Rice Paper Spring Roll Machine

Summer Roll machinery

Temperature is stable and conveyor speed of tunnel steamer is adjustable for easy to control softness of rice paper.

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