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Stuffed Paratha Machine and Equipment

Stuffed Paratha Machinery

To produce stuffed paratha and other stuffed pastries in restaurants or central kitchens, we suggest ANKO's SD-97 Series of Automatic Encrusting and Filling Machines; clients can evaluate and base their expected productivity, special requests and available space for the production line, and choose from ANKO's SD-97SS Table Type Model, which is compact in size; SD-97W model, which is slightly larger, but has the capacity of producing up to 4,200pc/hr, it's also engineered with 5 programmable memories and can work with both dry and wet fillings. Or the SD-97L Model, which is specially designed with a larger product size range, it can produce final products ranging from 40g to 200g/pc, and has the maximum capacity of 4,800pc/hr.

And for larger food plants or factories, we recommend ANKO's LP-3001 Automatic Layer & Stuffed Paratha Production Line. This is specially designed to produce stuffed paratha and many other stuffed pastries. The process starts from folding butter into dough, through several times of fold and press to create puff pastry, then it automatically stuffs the pastry. With an EA-100KA Forming Machine attached, it's able to form products from 15-150g in size. The production line could be further completed by attaching the PP-2 Automatic Filming and Pressing Machine to flatten the pastries between 2 thin films and ready for packaging; or pastries can go through the APB Pressing and Heating Machine to cook. This production line has the capacity of producing from 1,500pcs/hr up to 3,500pc/hr.

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About Stuffed Paratha

Paratha is a type of flatbread; the name derives from the Hindi word “parat” meaning layers and “atta” which means dough. It originated in the north of the wheat-growing region in the northern part of India, and it still remains an important staple food item. Parathas are also known as parantha, parontay, porota in different regions, or farata in Sri Lanka and the Maldives. These flatbreads are usually made with unleavened dough and fold in ghee (purified butter) to create the layers, then cooked on a tava (a type of flat, concave or convex metal wok/cooking pan) till light and fluffy. Paratha could be made plain or stuffed with various ingredients such as meats, eggs, vegetables, cheeses or even sugar and sweet fillings as desserts.

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ANKO Stuffed Paratha Food Machine List
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Stuffed Paratha - Pressing and Heating Machine
APB Series

Pressing and Heating Machine

Stuffed Paratha machinery

ANKO's Pressing & Heating Machine forms flat dough with pressing and heating such as peking duck wrapper, pita bread, stuffed paratha, chapatti, and tortilla. According to individual needs, temperature, pressing time, and product thickness are adjustable. The machine is made of food grade materials, stainless steel, an...

Stuffed Paratha - Forming Machine

Forming Machine

Stuffed Paratha machinery

High-efficient Forming Machine equips with an independent motor control system. The design enables EA-100KA to operate with HLT-700 series. to produce various products such as mini juicy bun, meat bun, beef roll, baozi and the like with or without pattern on top. Its maximum capacity is up to 6,000 pieces per hour.

Stuffed Paratha - Automatic Layer & Stuffed Paratha Production Line

Automatic Layer & Stuffed Paratha Production Line

Stuffed Paratha machinery

LP-3001 is fully automatic to produce similar products such as paratha, pie and the like. Placing well-mixed dough and margarine into hoppers is the only thing to do. Then the fully automatic production processes include dough pressing, margarine extruding, the first folding and sheeting, the second folding and sheetin...

Stuffed Paratha - Automatic Filming and Pressing Machine
PP-2 Series

Automatic Filming and Pressing Machine

Stuffed Paratha machinery

Film products by upper and bottom sides. PP-2 will press products to required diameter and thickness, and then divide each products. After dividing, products will be stacked for packaging automatically. PP-2 is suitable for Lacha paratha, Paratha, Roti, Chinese pancake, etc.

Stuffed Paratha - Automatic Encrusting and Forming Machine

Automatic Encrusting and Forming Machine

Stuffed Paratha machinery

Automatic Encrusting and Forming Machine can produce many kinds of large-sized foods, up to 200 grams per piece, and 4,800 pieces per hour. The ease of changing shutter unit is a well design in making products with patterned or non-patterned. Moreover, large-sized foods with bean paste, meat, sesame paste or no stuffin...

Stuffed Paratha - Automatic Table-Type Encrusting and Forming Machine

Automatic Table-Type Encrusting and Forming Machine

Stuffed Paratha machinery

Table Type Automatic Encrusting and Forming Machine is a small size machine, stainless steel, for limited space. The shutter unit designed by ANKO not only enhances the stability of production process, but also varies products through the ease of changing shutter unit. Products with patterned or non-patterned; with bea...

Stuffed Paratha - Automatic Encrusting and Forming Machine

Automatic Encrusting and Forming Machine

Stuffed Paratha machinery

Automatic Encrusting And Forming Machine can make either patterned or non-patterned products with a simple change of shutters; it can make either two colors or solid color with a simply change of dough hoppers. Not only the products with red bean paste, meat stuffing, or sesame paste but also plain products are produci...

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