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Sticky Rice Ball Machine and Equipment

Sticky Rice Ball Machinery

ANKO's Sticky Rice Ball Machines include SD-97SS, SD-97W, and SD-97L three Automatic Encrusting and Filling Machines, suitable for producing different types of sticky rice balls, including nuomici. These machines work well with rice flour as well as various starches to form dough, and are capable of encrusting sweet and savory fillings from bean pastes, ground nuts to potatoes and meats, which are also recommended for producing an array of different stuffed ethnic food products such as mochi (麻糬), tang yuan (湯圓), crystal dumplings and even meat buns. The SD-97SS Table Type Model is compact in size, suitable for restaurants or a smaller production. The SD-97W model is slightly larger, it has the capacity of producing up to 4,200pc/hr, and it's engineered with 5 programmable memories and can work with both dry and wet fillings. And the SD-97L Model is specially designed to produce product with wider size range from 40g up to 200g/pc, it also has the maximum capacity of 4,800pc/hr.

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About Sticky Rice Ball

Sticky rice balls, also known as “nuomici”(糯米糍), it's a type of Chinese dessert made with cooked glutinous rice, pounded into a sticky dough or many recipes simply mixes sticky rice flour and water to form the dough; similar to Japanese mochi, nuomici is formed into little balls, they are most commonly stuffed with sweeten azuki bean paste, lotus seed paste or ground peanuts, and often coated with a thin layer of shredded coconut. Nuomici is usually served as a sweet snack or dessert in the Southern regions in China and especially in Hong Kong, however, they are also considered as gifts that bring good luck and or a way to show hospitality.

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ANKO Sticky Rice Ball Food Machine List
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Sticky Rice Ball - Automatic Rounding Conveyor

Automatic Rounding Conveyor

Sticky Rice Ball machinery

ANKO's Automatic Rounding Conveyor is suitable for all products that need to be rubbed into round and strip such as glutinous rice ball, sesame ball, rasgulla, gulab jamun, etc., The maximum capacity is 3,000-3,500 pieces with pleasing appearance like handmade. We assure you of the most efficient machines to maintain h...

Sticky Rice Ball - Automatic Table-Type Encrusting and Forming Machine

Automatic Table-Type Encrusting and Forming Machine

Sticky Rice Ball machinery

Table Type Automatic Encrusting and Forming Machine is a small size machine, stainless steel, for limited space. The shutter unit designed by ANKO not only enhances the stability of production process, but also varies products through the ease of changing shutter unit. Products with patterned or non-patterned; with bea...

Sticky Rice Ball - Automatic Encrusting and Forming Machine

Automatic Encrusting and Forming Machine

Sticky Rice Ball machinery

Automatic Encrusting And Forming Machine can make either patterned or non-patterned products with a simple change of shutters; it can make either two colors or solid color with a simply change of dough hoppers. Not only the products with red bean paste, meat stuffing, or sesame paste but also plain products are produci...

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