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Spring Roll machine and equipment

Spring Roll Machinery

Spring rolls is an umbrella term used in Western culture to describe disparate varieties of filled, rolled appetizers similar to the Chinese chūn jǔan (春卷, lit. "spring roll"), from which the term was derived. East and Southeast Asian cuisine foods referred to by the term have different names depending on their country of origin, as well as the type of wrapper, fillings, and cooking techniques used.

They are commonly eaten in certain Asian countries, most notably China, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia and Philippines.

How to make Spring Roll by our high quality machine?

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Spring Roll - Spring Roll Production Line

Spring Roll Production Line

Spring Roll machinery

Spring roll Production Line designed by ANKO is fully automatic to produce 2,400 spring rolls in one hour. After pouring well-stirred batter and stuffing, the automatic process starts from baking drum, cooling fans, cutter with sensor to innovative depositing, folding and wrapping devices. It is the ideal solution for making identical quality and tasty spring roll that can compete with handmade spring roll.

Spring Roll - Automatic Spring Roll And Samosa Pastry Sheet Machine

Automatic Spring Roll And Samosa Pastry Sheet Machine

Spring Roll machinery

SRP is a food processing machine for automatically producing spring roll pastry, samosa pastry, egg roll pastry, and even crepe. What a user only has to do is to prepare batter. The rest of steps, including baking, cutting, counting, and stacking are done by machine. The final products are tidily and nicely stacked in piles, ready to be packed, frozen, and sold at any time.

Spring Roll - Semi-Automatic Spring Roll And Samosa Production Line

Semi-Automatic Spring Roll And Samosa Production Line

Spring Roll machinery

Semi-Automatic Spring Roll and Samosa Production Line combines a pastry making machine with a stuffing depositor plus a platform for manual wrapping process. The pastry making machine can produce spring roll pastry, samosa pastry, egg roll pastry, and even crepe. After pouring batter and stuffing, the production line automatically bakes batter, cuts pastries, and deposits stuffing regularly as required and the rear conveyor is a platform for manual wrapping. Moreover, to have an extra stacking machine can sell pastry products alone, expanding product lines.

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